The Art of Alcohol Ink with Noelle Mena

Begins Wednesday! | The Art of Alcohol Ink with Noelle Mena

Creative people have so many areas of their lives where they walk out their creativity. Some of you are gardeners, cooks, sweet gatherers of people, painters, and sculptures. The list could go on and on. One of the strongest members of our creative team is Noelle Mena. She has worked beside us for almost two years now and her impact on our network is priceless. So, in the day she builds and designs and when she is off the clock she pours herself into art. Through acrylics, inks, portraits or abstracts she shows up each night into the wee hours of the morning to create beauty. She does this for herself and her own wellbeing. She has no other choice but to create. It was during one of those late night creatings that I saw what she was exploring and creating and knew it would be for you too.

Join me in welcoming Noelle Mena to our creative community! Registration for  The Art of Alcohol Ink is open with Live with Instant Access on Wednesday.

The Art of Alcohol Ink with Noelle Mena.  5+ hours of course content, lifetime* access and registration of $48 and the course will be live tomorrow on October 17th, 2018.

The Art of Alcohol Ink with Noelle Mena

From Noelle Mena…

Open the door to the art of alcohol ink. Be free from old limitations. Discover new tools and techniques that will inspire you to create. Modern to Organic, Fine Art to Art Journal. Uncover your flow for this captivating and versatile ink.

You might have seen in years gone by that colors and technique were limited with alcohol inks, we will crush that memory and your eyes will be wide open to the possibilities of what you can now create.

Explore limitless colors by creating your own palette. Integrate new substrates, new tools, along with mixatives, metallics, and solutions. We will play through air, lift, resist and texture. Extend your work through mixed media. Learn to influence your art with the unique medium of alcohol ink.

The Art of Alcohol Ink Collage



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