Create Your Own French Picnic Baskets | Video + Ebook



Gathering others is one of the sweetest gifts.

So, whether your heart is to bless your family, celebrate a friend’s birthday or incorporate more intention in your own workshops I hope our French Picnic Baskets become part of how you love on others.





Download our FREE French Picnic Baskets Ebook HERE.


Join me on Friday for another video about how to create beautiful and repeatable events.

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  1. Shelly Haynes

    Jeanne…this is so very lovely! And it’s lovely you share this with us and encourage us to use what we have instead of thinking we have to run out and buy the “perfect” pieces. Thank you for continuing to share of.hospitality!

    1. Brenda McGovern

      What a lovely way to have fun. I have friends and we do special things with each other all the time. I am going to include the French Picnic Basket idea. They will love it! Really lovely and a great way to make the day special. Thx!! Stay safe.

  2. Kathleen McCue

    Thankyou Jeanie its time to eat slow food and a picnic is a great way to enjoy nature with the one you love. 💞

  3. Lynda

    This was great love the attention to detail. When I retired I set a goal of making 52 picnics my first year.
    So fun.

  4. Donna

    Thanks for the picnic inspiration. I’m planning an outing with my 3 and 8 year old grandsons this weekend. My daughter has very fond memories of backyard picnics from her childhood, and I’m planning to use the quilt that she remembers as our blanket.
    AND, I have the EXACT basket that is in front of you. Got it at the Women’s Market in Marrakech many years ago and use it ALL the time – groceries, picnics, just hauling things around…

    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      Have so much fun creating your own picnic with your family. I agree…these baskets are amazing for so many things! Have a wonderful time this weekend.

  5. Susan

    I find you and your approach to living so inspirational and comforting! Attending an in-person workshop at your home/studio is definitely high on my bucket list!! I hope to make it out to Castlerock some day soon!! Can’t wait for the picnic! Now you have inspired me to pack a basket for a beach picnic this weekend!
    Thanks Jeanne!

  6. Tracie

    I was lucky enough to be at a workshop in your home when you gifted us with this – it was so special! The day was perfect. It was sunny and mild – lovely soft breezes delighted the four of us as we dined together on your land. I remember telling you I felt as if I’d escaped to France for lunch….it was the absolute best. You’ve inspired me to surprise my husband with a picnic before it gets too warm here in the desert….thanks for the idea! It’s our anniversary this weekend – he’ll love it! xoxo T.

  7. Jody

    Thank you for sharing this lovely idea. I have never thought of something as unique as this. You have upped my game -lol
    My girlfriends will be pleasantly surprised to receive something as delightful and imaginative as a picnic basket full of love –
    I will happily share where this idea came from…thank you again.

  8. Cathy Denning

    Jeanne you sure have a gift to create beautiful special moments for people. I loved all these ideas for a picnic.

  9. Sonya

    I love this so much, especially the encouragement to do it with what you have. I have always wanted to attend one of your live workshops, maybe someday.

  10. Sharyn Sowell

    Jeanne, I appreciate your authenticity. You really walk the talk and you and Kelly shine bright. Your French baskets are as charming and real as you yourself, always with style and sincerity that are very, very attractive. Well done (again!)

  11. Kim

    Such a Beautiful experience you create for people. I love this idea for your workshops, and I can see using this for a day on the trail or at the beach.
    You are such a treasure. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Linda

      This was so inspiring! And now I really want to go on a picnic. Holding hope that we are able to gather soon, and to hug loved ones and enjoy wonderful gatherings. Thanks Jeanne!

  12. Brenda

    What a beautiful and wonderfully inviting thing to do for anyone! I love how we can use this to bless our friends and family. Thank you for this very special idea.

  13. faye johansen

    Thank you Jeanne…I too love the details that make a difference. We live close to a National Park in the Rockies, so every week since we retired I make a picnic lunch, and enjoy the park. I too love using linen napkins, glass glasses and special surprises to unwrap. I then spend the afternoon drawing and painting, while my husband naps. It is our favourite event of the week.
    When we can travel between countries again…I want to attend one of your live workshops. See you then!

    1. Beth

      Love ♥️💟♥️💟🍾✝️🌼🌺🍇🍓🧀🥨🥖thank you for the inspiring video … reminding me of creating a special day with loved ones or others .and using all I have and love.
      You are a lovely creative…🙏🏻Xxo🌼Beth🌼

  14. Josée Jobin

    Lived in France and Switzerland where having a picnic is a way of life! It is never fancy, but feels fancy and it is always delicious!
    Can’t wait…to gather again with friends and family, live.! We are still in lockdown in Canada, and can’t gather, at all…! No live workshops, no live nothing. It is not like that in the States???

    1. Jeanne Oliver Author

      Things are definitely open in Colorado and many states. We have been open for a long time actually. Restaurants, museums etc.

  15. Emma Ward

    Jeanne you are a woman after my own heart! I laughed out loud listening to your story about the cutie little salt containers! Wonderful you have made me smile and look forward to my next family picnic.

  16. Debbie

    Thank you so much Jeanne, your care and kindness shine through. What a lovely idea, you are a true inspiration. Your art tutorials and now your Picnic basket, I just love it!!

  17. Shelly Jungwirth

    Thank you! Several years ago Our first workshop day picnic was indeed memorable. The art of hospitality is indeed a beautiful art and you share it in a genuine and loving way. Merci

  18. Peggy

    Oh Jeanne, talk about the perfect timing! Chris’ birthday is Friday and I wanted to do something extra special as he has to work not only Friday but the weekend as well. Just out of curiosity, what size Le Parfait jars are those? We’ve been looking for a few new jars to add to our collection as we use what we have daily but always seem to be just a few short.
    Have a lovely week and thank you so very much for sharing!

  19. Lori Henderson

    I think I’m going to suggest doing this virtually with my daughter who lives 600 miles away from me. We could both pack a picnic and enjoy it together on Zoom. The basket you put together is so lovely and inspiring!

  20. Jill Tucker

    Jeanne, these are lovely! I enjoyed receiving one of these baskets at your live workshop last summer. I admire your heart to gather and serve others with your creative gifts!

  21. Liz Wine

    How fun!! I have multiple food allergies but have found a gluten free baguette I love!

  22. Carmen M Cacho

    Thanks a lot ! this is something I do with my family since I loves spending time with them and I love basket, really I have a lot 🙂 Now I can take it to the next level with friends . I really it love it .

  23. Tarrah

    Taking all the notes on this beautiful content! I was wondering though, what do you use to eat the salads on? Thanks again! 🥰

  24. Muffet

    These baskets are so beautiful! What a wonderful way to make people feel special. You have inspired me to do this more with my family and friends. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

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