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Lisa Noneman commented:

August 7, 2017 at 7:47 pm

I’ve been sharing my art supplies with a young girl who lives in my small town. She works at our library, very shy and reserved and we discovered each other through our love of art. I packed up a tote of all my favorite supplies and gave them to her to use and she comes to me often to show me what she makes. It touches my heart to see how grateful she has been and how eager she is to learn new mediums. It’s kind of like how I feel when Jeanne shares a video of her playing with art supplies in her classes, I get so excited!


Lisa, congratulations and we are so happy that you won. We hope you and the girl in your town will love the supplies.  Please contact us at and we will give you all the details.



It has been WAY TOO LONG since we had a giveaway!

With all of the new and beautiful courses launching we wanted to celebrate each teacher and each labor of love that they are bringing to life.

It is such an honor to collaborate with so many outstanding artists and teachers that help to create online courses that are RICH and AUTHENTIC!

So, I wanted to share what is going on RIGHT now on our site and share what you can join or even share with those around you.


Today we just launched the brand new online course Let Us Make with Sheila Atchley! Let Us Make is an artful, playful exploration of creation, theology and story as we rediscover them all in Genesis chapter one of the Bible. This course is for anyone who loves nature, art, and spirituality. Together we will play with techniques such as abstract flow art, botanical art, and expressive portraiture.  If you’ve ever wished you could have an excuse to spend more time outdoors; if you’ve ever wished you could gain some perspective on your own story, and come to know for sure why you are alive, this is the course for you.  All these things will be explored through art and scripture, in a safe, nonjudgmental and playful atmosphere. You can watch the course trailer HERE.


This week we opened early registration for Scribblepedia with Rae Missigman! Explore text based mark-making with its power to transform color and layers into deeply personal mixed media art. Define your creative art story letter by letter with text based mark making. Join author, artist and mark maker, Rae Missigman, as she guides you through the process of adding words, text and letters to deepen the impact of your mixed media pieces while interjecting them with your personal style. Create inspirational reference projects to quickly jump start your pieces and paint a colorful multilayered mixed media canvas where you leave a personal set of marks that define your work as uniquely yours. We will delve step by step into the process of layering, defining and marking in the wildly colorful style Rae has made so popular. You can view the course trailer HERE.


Early registration is about to end for Kate Thompson’s newest online course Fancy Lassies! The early registration price of $28 will end on August 12th and will go to $48.  In this class, you will be creating fanciful girls using watercolors, pastels, and acrylics. You will make little watercolor paper books where we will explore techniques, prints, and color. Downloadable templates are provided for you to practice the painting techniques. You will learn how to draw the girls and then transform them into fanciful creatures with very different personalities. You will learn how to draw a portrait using charcoal and then layer the charcoal drawing with watercolors and white acrylic paint. You can watch the course trailer HERE.




Paper Palettes | A Color Discovery Course is a mini course with Kelly Hoernig (instantly available) that has had INCREDIBLE feedback. Artists are saying that Kelly’s techniques for organizing ideas and color is changing how they approach their art and how they gather what is inspiring them. COLOR? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you confident about your choices when creating art? Want to experiment but not sure how to go about it? Want to be adventurous and step out of your color comfort zone? If you answered yes to one or all of the questions, this fun class will show you an exciting way to create a palette full of confidence! And guess what, you already have the supplies needed to get inspired. A couple of magazines you love, scissors, an adhesive (glue stick, tape) and some pages to glue to, that’s it! Excited already? I sure am! You can watch the course trailer HERE.

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on THIS POST telling us about something beautiful you (or someone you know) is putting out into the world.

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Each time you do one of the above just come back here and let us know.

This giveaway will close on August 8, 2017 at 11:59 pm MST.

The winner will be announced on August 9, 2016.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!


If you are new to our creative network here are easy steps to get you started…

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2. Once your account is active you are able to take advantage of our free courses, series and even pay for courses.

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  1. Terzia

    Under severe adversity dealing with my husbands illness I am sending out love and kindness in my art. I just finished a piece where I painted out negativity. Thank you for
    this opportunity.

  2. Dotti

    I save all my scraps of watercolor/acrylic backgrounds and make colorful bookmarks which are left in our public library and the little free library on Main St, as well as the library at the senior center.

  3. Kendra Joyner

    Hopefully… Encouragement! There is so much hurt and pain that people are dealing with daily. From the death of a child to divorce from a marriage. I try to send out encouragement to the friends in my life that are experiencing broken hearts and try to speak words of life into those that are hurting. I remind them how much Jesus loves them and whether it’s through words, through a painting, or just being there for them… I pray they know how much they are loved, that they are not alone, and that there is hope and life in their future.

  4. @BluebirdLegacy

    I share the cards I make from mixed media collage art paper with folks that don’t get out, or are ill. I also share my love of creativity with all my patients, in attempts to
    Allow them to see how art heals, and comforts the lonely soul. Your network is Fabulous for this, and the classes are all with such beautifully talented people, that are
    Fantastic artist. Thanks Jeanne!!!

  5. Christine

    My friend, Jude, makes beautiful cards. The cards are sent, anonymously, to those who are struggling with some adversity in their lives. Our Ladies Bible study group prays for the recipient of the card.

  6. Linda S Baum

    August 7, 2017-JO- I became acquainted with this amazing network through my soul daughter, D’Wana, and began this journey with the course, Reflections: Paint Your Story. THIS class RE-vived the weary painter in me and changed my artistic future! I have taken several JO classes in the past year and one-half, and each one confidence grew. A new energy and love comes every time I pick up a pen or a brush.
    I now share my art(watercolors) as gifts to soul sisters, on gift cards, greeting cards, and now on FaceBook and Instagram, and have been blessed to sell a few of my paintings. I am a witness: “Even in your old age you will bear fruit” is possible with the encouragement that continues to come from connection with Your network! Thank you again, for making these artistic dreams reality! lsbaum

  7. Alison Winn

    I’m being an art enabler for my daughter in Australia by sharing my art supplies and encouragement with her. She’s exhibited already so I’m a very proud momma!!

  8. Tracy Eau Claire

    I just learned of generosity a family at my kids’ school has put out into the world. They donated 600 pairs of eclipse glasses to every kid at school!!

  9. Christina Aiton

    I volunteer at a Friends of the Library book store and I am a painter so I painted a picture of a customer perusing our shelves to hang near the door, and I also make bookmarks (like a previous commentor) that I put in a basket on the counter for anyone to take home in their new book. I love to see the excitement in someone’s eyes when they find a “treasure” in our store! It’s like the excitement experienced by your students when they encounter and play with a new technique – such fun and adventure. Thank you Jeanne for your wonderful site and thanks to all of your brilliant teachers!

  10. cathym30

    Just finished creating ATCs for a fun snail mail group I have joined, It’s a great way to meet people from around the world and send a bit of joy their way. Have a great day!

  11. Veronica Roth

    Having done thru a bout of cancer I now volunteer my time and art supplies bi-weekly helping cancer patients create therapy journals and begin their own healing. Send art out into the world and amazing things happen.

    1. dannylion

      also forgot…. I paint with my son. He needs to cover every square inch on a piece of paper- and he is particular about the “color” he uses – most of the time “orange” or “yellow” finding that those are his two favorite colors. Pretty big deal for us – he has severe autism, profound MR, traumatic brain injury, seizure disorder, etc. When I “listen” to his noises when he paints – I know he is happy. That is my purpose – making people have “happy” in their lives that wouldn’t know what “happy” feels like otherwise.

  12. Rebekah Beste

    I open my home each week for others to use my studio without cost. I grew up financially unstable and I love seeing people work through saddness or other emotions on my studio while getting to know others. Creating a safe space with no strings attached for people to explore their inner spaces with art brings me joy.

  13. Michelle Sanders

    I enjoy leading a bible journaling and faith art class at my church. Its so wonderful to get together with a group of women over Gods word and share art techniques, prayer, a meal and a good laugh!

  14. Shelli O

    Compassion and understanding to a refugee family that doesn’t share my God, language or customs. However, in turn, they are unknowingly sharing my Savior with me. This experience has opened my eyes, heart and home to ideas that were closed off. My relationship with Christ has deepened as a result.

  15. Sarah Howe

    I have to acknowledge my amazing parents. I was one of four home-educated, while they by faith embarked on full-time ministry planting a church. I am now 30, and my parents are still full-time ministry, mending broken spirits, sharing life, showing people Christ daily, dying to themselves. And now my mom is sharing her life-long message not just in life ministry but in art.

    And I am now married to an artist, who is devoted to sharing the gospel of Jesus, and creating as an extension of the amazing testimony of a creative God.

    I am blessed.

  16. Janet Wisner

    Thank you! Pinned the courses to my Art Class board. I have loved all the classes I have experienced here. As a give-away, I paint tiny watercolors to leave in secret spots for others to find, an art abandonment gift. I thank all the people who give away their time and their talent s to make the world more kind. IG follower for a long time, my favorite social media! XO J

  17. Christi Conard

    I’m nearing retirement and just learning to draw and paint! I have signed up for some of your courses and am currently enjoying your course on painting your story! I am excited about my next chapter!

  18. Tammy Warnick

    My sister Angela Barribeau is such an inspiration; she has made so many lovely pieces of art. I love to see all the things she creates. I don’t take the time to work on projects like I wish I did, but I’ll be teaching a free drawing class to local kids and it would be wonderful to be able to buy all their supplies.

  19. Julia Molewyk

    As a homeschool mom of a graduate this year, I am sending my son out into the world on a new adventure.
    I love the classes on your network. Thank you for the variety and great artists that you introduce us to.

  20. Marianne

    Thanks for the
    Giveaway!…something lovely…we hosted our church family for a potluck supper..bonfire and sing song!..awesome to give back!

  21. Marianne

    I am part of your creative network and have enjoyed several
    of the courses!

  22. wobin950

    I teach workshops using art and journaling to help women peel away the untruths we have accumulated, looking at some of the stories we tell ourselves, helping remember who we are in God’s eyes, and living from that place of truth, worthiness, and authenticity.

  23. suziebutton

    I try to share beauty through my grandchildren, as I believe they will need it as they grow older, I try to teach them kindness, creativity and to enjoy their young lives as long as they can!

  24. Cindy

    I paint tiny rocks and leave them in places I travel throughout the day.

  25. Janet Asbury

    I do Transformation Prayer Ministry. This ministry sets people free from years of pain and issues they have dealt with. It is the most beautiful thing I can do for others! To see my sisters walk in the complete freedom and healing that Jesus paid for is my passion. I also love to share my art via Facebook and Instagram. Can’t wait to make some more with the “Let us Make” class that started today!

  26. Stacey

    I love putting out love into the world through my little encouraging art paintings on Etsy. I just recently got my first wholesale order at a store in South Africa. Talk about around the world! What a joy and blessing it is to find your art, your network and the amazing artists and classes you offer. I so need to do one! Plus I love that you live in Castle Rock…as I do too!

  27. Susan

    Right now I am sharing old photos to bring back happy memories to people. My father passed away last year and I inherited a life time of his treasured photos. He loved photography. I joined a Facebook group for the town where he grew up and I have been sharing his photos with the group and they really seem to love them and they always share their memories too. I even met a woman in that group who was the daughter of my dad’s teenage buddy. She did not have any pictures of her dad when he was young and I found some in my dad’s album. I sent them to her and she was so happy to have them. It has meant a lot to me to be able to share my father’s love of photography.

  28. robynterry

    I started a group on Facebook called Art for Adoption ( where I auction off my art and give 100% to a family in the process of international adoption. So far, I have been blessed to help 4 families. Three of the families have their children home now, and we are working on the 4th – a little boy with down syndrome in the Ukraine who is becoming part of a family in Florida. I wanted to make good use of my art – not collecting treasures on earth, but in heaven. I also wanted everyone to be able to do something to join in orphan care/adoption. It is a JOY to put a face on the 153 million orphans worldwide, and I pray my art brings JOY to the buyers in knowing they directly helping bring this child home. The group is up to almost 600 members in a year and half since inception and has raised several thousand dollars for these children and families! It is becoming quite a beautiful community, and I regularly hear feedback from members of what a beautiful ministry Art for Adoption is! 🙂

  29. selahrejoice

    Wonderful giveaway! I’m so happy to see beautiful artwork produced by the little group of artists I hang with. This makes me happy. I have shared your Giveaway post on FB and I’ve pinned it in Pinterest.

  30. Shawn Martin

    I made junk journals for all my nieces and nephews and in-laws as a keepsake/memoirs from our family reunion this summer.

  31. Vanderkleed

    I’m an expressionistic artist; one of my current series includes ferris wheels which seems to bring viewers joy. Many have great memories of ferris wheels and I’ve heard about a couple of proposals that happened on a ferris wheel! I’m also pulling together a group of about 12 creative beautiful women entrepreneurs in my area to encourage them to follow the calling God has given them.

  32. Layla Payton

    I shared via Facebook and also follow you on Instagram. 🙂 I love the way that my church connects with the local art community. It’s beautiful expression of the love of Jesus.

  33. Lisa Noneman

    I’ve been sharing my art supplies with a young girl who lives in my small town. She works at our library, very shy and reserved and we discovered each other through our love of art. I packed up a tote of all my favorite supplies and gave them to her to use and she comes to me often to show me what she makes. It touches my heart to see how grateful she has been and how eager she is to learn new mediums. It’s kind of like how I feel when Jeanne shares a video of her playing with art supplies in her classes, I get so excited!

  34. Jenny Nielson

    I made lemon zucchini bread and took it to neighbors. I am also creating a series of barn paintings.

  35. Anita

    Sharing my art and Bible Journaling out into the world in hopes to bring light and hope to others as well as encouraging and inspiring them to to bring out their own creativity.

  36. starlabates

    Wow, so many beautiful pieces. My Nana, whom I lost last May was the most perfect soul I have ever known and she put so much beautiful in this world and in my life. She was the greatest woman and I miss her beyond words. She would absolutely love all of these pieces. She would have a field day shopping! x

  37. Sheila A Rumney

    I also posted it to both my Facebook pages. I can’t wait to finally be able in September to venture to your studio! Looking forward to it! Thanks again for creating a beautiful, inspiring network!

  38. Kathy Winebrenner Glynn

    I share lovely and inspiring words in pointed pen calligraphy on my Instagram account.

  39. Kathy Winebrenner Glynn

    Shared on Pinterest. Thank you Jeanne for hosting this generous giveaway and for creating such a lovely art community! ???

  40. Jeanne Schaap

    There are two two very impressive, artistic women who are putting something beautiful out into the world: Sheila Atchley and Jeanne Oliver! They both walk the talk!

  41. amweeks

    It may not be what you meant by your question, but I am so proud that I am putting my beautiful & talented daughter out into the world! She is headed to college at the end of this month…to study architecture! She is so smart & artistic, and I know that in a few years time, she’ll be designing a better & more beautiful world!

  42. nelson37

    I am retired. I always felt there was an artist in me but everything I tried was not good. Finally, I saw one of Jeanne’s videos and thought that might be for me. I am currently taking 4 of Jeanne’s classes and couldn’t be happier. My mother has early dementia and is not easy to be around. She won’t try anything to make herself happier. I bought her all the supplies so she could try acrylics but she “doesn’t want to”. I’ve learned that that is not how I want to be as I age, and I know these classes, which have shown me that I AM an artist is something I can do for the rest of my life. Maybe I’ll die with a paint brush in my hand!! 🙂 I follow everything Jeanne does and can’t wait for more classes.

  43. annabelle

    The kids in our town have started painting rocks and leaving them around town for a rock hunt. When they find them they post a picture on fb. They are having such fun and parents are joining in also. Such a simple thing that is building community 🙂
    Thank you!

  44. Silvia Klassen

    A friend and I both sometimes make little peices of prophetic art work – pictures based on what we feel God is specifically saying to people.

  45. Nicole Huskey

    My daughter did an art project for her Old Testament class in college and it was breathtaking to see her transform verses into drawings. She spreads the love of art and God all around.

  46. Joanne

    You are the one making the world a better place in the middle of all the chaos going on. Hats off to you and many thanks and blessings to you!

  47. Kimmy Ripley

    I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and I enjoy teaching my 7 year old daughter about art. She is so talented and I think she will go far in life.

  48. Kay Schwerzler

    With am writing and illustrating a ” diary” of my grandmother. She lived most of her life on the prairie in Indiana and saw and made beauty everywhere.

  49. Kelly

    My daughters amaze me with the images and words they use on instagram. I didn’t realize the personal bravery this takes until I thought about what my first instagram post might be. Their ability to see beauty in themselves and the world around them is awesome!

  50. Kay Schwerzler

    Just posted this promo to my Pinterest. Everyone needs to know about your classes.

  51. Amanda Hoffman

    My friend donates to the homeless through her church.i help her collect things .

  52. Melissa

    Working this summer with a group of creatives to bring beauty and the opportunity to awaken creativity in our local community through intentional gathering and workshops.

  53. Emily Lynn Downey

    Some of my friends and I have been making a point to share positive affirmations with each other and with the world. I think it’s so important to support and empower each other, especially with all the negativity in the world these days.

  54. Jami Fawley

    Right now, I am focusing solely on sending beautiful human beings into the world. Once they go back to school, I will get back into my life as a full time painter and part time teacher.

  55. Viviana Stankus

    I discovered this site during my breaks from teaching. As a high school teacher and single mom of three sons, my brain, physical strength, emotions, and soul were all being depleted. Upon discovering this site, however, I slowly awakened to the young girl I once was who dreamed incessantly and hoped one day to create … something. My lunches spent watching the videos and the art classes on this site, renewed my spirit … and in this renewing, I was awakened to all aspects of my life. A flame that had almost been extinguished was lit once again. “Every good and perfect gift comes from above” and I believe this was God’s gift to me at the very moment I needed it. Thank you Jeanne Oliver!

  56. Nicole

    I work as a therapist with homeless adults struggling with addiction. I try to put out kindness and acceptance into the world. I’m not an artist, but many of my clients are, and I would love to provide supplies for them to use during sessions, and add their beauty to the world.

  57. JaneMartin

    Jeanne, thank you for sharing you gifts and for providing a safe place for other artists to teach…we all win!??

  58. Bekah Hauck

    I’m teaching painting to kids at a homeschool co-op. Hoping they will be inspired to create for a lifetime!

  59. Cheryl

    In the hopes of saving a life…anyone’s…I became a certified educator for Melanoma, for The Melanoma Research Foundation. The reason that I did this was because I lost my life partner, the love of my life, Jason last August to Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma. He was 41. About 5 weeks ago, my Dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Melanoma. We are back at The University of Michigan, same team of Doctor’s, once again. If I can help to educate people about about what to look for, and to have the courage to get a skin check every year, maybe I can help to save a life. Wouldn’t that be wonderful to have such a great impact!

  60. Yona Williams

    My brother is putting out beautiful photographs into this world. He really knows how to capture sweet moments (like weddings and engagement photos) and precious moments (like baby shoots).

  61. Jeanie

    I want to share something kind some one shared with me. She is a jewelry maker and a card creator.. She sent me a box of sunshine (full of everything she could find in yellow packaging from treats to play doh.) It helped me in a very dark moment. Good person going above and beyond.

  62. Trish

    One of my friends always sends beautifully handcrafted cards of encouragement to friends and family who need to be uplifted – and also to friends of friends or other people that she hears of who need to be encouraged.

  63. jennyscheldberg

    I have a wonderful friend who is battling an autoimmune disease and she has an amazing garden and takes beautiful photos. It makes so many peoples days brighter to see.

  64. Wendy Browne

    I have been making little plush of Boston Terriers that are posted as passing on in my dog forums and giving them to the children of the family. Something to remember their wonderful relationship.

  65. Karen

    This month, my daughter graduates college! I could not be more excited and proud of her! She graduates with a BFA degree and is more than ready to put her mark making on the world by sharing her creativity, talents, and gifts!

  66. Pam Collins

    I am making memory gifts for my children. I am just beginning so don’t have a lot of the details yet.

  67. Jeanne Coulombe

    I love growing plants and replanting them for people. When you have a home full of lush green plants it makes a home also helps get rid of toxins out of the air. I enjoy seeing there faces when I say here this is for you. I also start all my flowers by seed myself and give to people flowers always make people smile. Thank you! For a chance ?

  68. Melanie

    Encouragement is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? I try to encourage other artists in their journey whenever I can.

  69. Melanie

    I am a member of your creative network . . . and I am so thankful that I am!

  70. Rob

    I created a large garden with cactus specimens from around the world. It is cool to see and walk in.
    Facebook Robert Brooke
    instagram radiosun88
    pinterest radiosun88

  71. Milt

    I create small stone fences to enhance the look in my backyard garden area. And it is a nice place to relax in my sun room nearby.
    Facebook Milton Milt
    instagram tigerstarlight
    pinterest tigerstarlight

  72. Marc

    I make polished gemstones to sell as a side business. Especially apache tears and other colorful gems.
    Facebook Marcus Z
    pinterest rebzur

  73. Paulet

    I have made a special wooden carved table for my book club meetings. I like it’s look and is beautiful.
    Facebook S Jensen
    pinterest mooncrystalsun

  74. Malv

    I collect old wooden chairs to restore and refurbish for my home. It helps me relax and makes me feel good.
    Facebook E Bell
    pinterest blueworldcar

  75. Aaron

    I just love to make different southwestern masks like the shamans did centuries ago.
    They help me ward off evil spirits, too.
    Facebook D Wendel
    pinterest stardesert2525

  76. karen forsyth

    Well I finally blogged about it here I shared to our art club and I already follow you on IG and FB and belong to your network (I have all of the Danielle Donaldson courses. And now I think I’m too late. Spent too long typing on my blog that I never write on anymore, but…. the most important thing in my life is that for the last 4 months I haven’t done a lot of art because I have been raising my now 19 month old granddaughter. I have become her foster grandparent, but I kept her out of someone elses foster home. She is such a delight and we go to swim lessons twice a week. I am now pouring light into this little one while her life has changed for a time.

  77. Vanessa Garcia

    I love making mini paintings and leaving them around my neighborhood for someone to find and keep. Hoping it brings joy to somebody’s day !

  78. Ellen Goodloe

    well, shoot. I messed this up. I shared God’s beauty on Facebook without realizing this was where I needed to post. and now the opportunity is closed. Oh well. It was fun looking at what everyone else shared. I’ve taken several classes here – some of Jeanne’s and some others. Looking forward to Kate’s Fancy Lassie’s 🙂

  79. finchnwren

    I am teaching an art class for elementary/middle schoolers which starts two weeks from today! Although I haven’t seen their art yet, I know they will be making some beautiful and amazing art. This fall we’ll be learning about 20th century American art (with a tiny bit from the end of the 1800s) and as you know, that covers a lot of art movements. I cannot wait! 🙂

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