I Don’t Like Being Patient Either | Online Classes Available Instantly THIS Weekend

We have online classes you can dive Into THIS weekend!

We have some of the best online teachers around and we have courses that have just been released and are available for instant viewing once you register. Weekends are the perfect time to get lost in your creativity and we have the perfect courses for that.

Scribblepedia with Rae Missigman

Explore text based mark-making with its power to transform color and layers into deeply personal mixed media art.

Define your creative art story letter by letter with text based mark making.

Join author, artist and mark maker, Rae Missigman, as she guides you through the process of adding words, text and letters to deepen the impact of your mixed media pieces while interjecting them with your personal style.

Create inspirational reference projects to quickly jump start your pieces and paint a colorful multilayered mixed media canvas where you leave a personal set of marks that define your work as uniquely yours.

We will delve step by step into the process of layering, defining and marking in the wildly colorful style Rae has made so popular.

This online course is available for instant access upon payment. To read more or to register click HERE.

Fancy Lassies with Kate Thompson

In this class we will be creating fanciful girls using watercolors and acrylics. These girls are created in a somewhat whimsical way but with some understanding of a more realistic approach. There will be exercises in creating a more realistic portrait which we will then use and abstract to something more fanciful.

I will show you how to make little watercolor paper books where we will explore techniques, prints and color ways. This will be a wonderful record to rely on as we work on more finished pieces.

I will then guide you as you start working on your own girls. I do have templates to download for you to practice the painting techniques. I then demonstrate how to draw the girls that we will then transform into fanciful creatures with very different personalities.

I demonstrate how to draw a portrait using charcoal. I then layer the charcoal drawing with watercolors and white acrylic paint. We will then paint watercolor and acrylic roses to garnish her face.

This online course is available for instant access upon payment.  To read more or to register click HERE.

Exploring Your Fears Through Collage with Stacy Stultz

Fear is a universal experience. In this class, we will examine and acknowledge our deep-seeded fear and sit with it through the process of collage and art assemblage until it resonates with us, leading us to a journey of healing. Fear is not a problem to be solved but a tool to dismantle our structures of being.

Collage allows for us to find images that we may not be able to create otherwise. Looking through collected imagery; finding words, photos and pictures which illustrate your fears may begin the process of stepping toward them. Once this process is complete and organized in visual form, we will then gather images that help to heal, unravel and dispel the myth of that fear or fears and how it plays a role in preventing you from growing into your gifts.

Hopefully, this process will find you humbled and befriending yourself.

Let’s journey to wholly unanticipated expansion. Let’s answer what our fear says about us and what we would like to do with that fear. Where there is fear there is power. Personal imagery can move us from fear to joy as we assemble. move paper, overlay and tell out stories through collage.

We will witness the journeys of others and how they expressed their troubles and eventual healing through this process. I hope it will bring you some clarity and at least the beginning of a journey to self.

This online course is available for instant access upon payment. To read more or to register click HERE.

Let Us Make with Sheila Atchley

An artful, playful exploration of creation, purpose, theology and story, as we rediscover them all in Genesis chapter 1 of the bible.  
This course is built around each of the “6 days of creation”.  We will take one day at a time to make art based on “let there be light” (day 1)…firmament art (day 2)…botanical art (day 3)…moon art (day 4)…birds and fish (day 5)…culminating in day 6, where we create art celebrating a land mammal and, most of all, human beings who are Imago Dei:  made in the image of God.  
Even though we are taking our text from the bible, you do not have to be a Christian to take this course.  This class is for anyone who loves nature, art, and spirituality.  Together we will play with techniques such as abstract flow art, mixed media, collage, botanical art, and expressive portraiture.  We will try our hand at painting things that fly and things that swim, and we will “paint with light” at least two or three different ways.  
If you’ve ever wished you could have an excuse to make art and spend more time outdoors; if you’ve ever wished you could gain some perspective on your own story, and come to know for sure why you are alive, this is the course for you.  

All these things will be explored through art and scripture, in a safe, nonjudgmental, even playful atmosphere.  I’m excited for you to join me in “Let Us Make”.

This online course is available for instant access upon payment. To read more or to register click HERE.

Paper Palette with Kelly Hoernig

COLOR? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you confident about your choices when creating art? Want to experiment but not sure how to go about it? Want to be adventurous and step out of your color comfort zone? If you answered yes to one or all of the questions, this fun class will show you an exciting way to create a palette full of confidence!

Get ready to be inspired! Get ready to challenge yourself with new colors to play and experiment with! Get ready to create YOU in an all new paper palette! A transformation is about to begin, let’s go.


Getting Started – Going through magazines and talking about what I look for and what I want to keep. Tearing out pages then cutting them into smaller, useable elements. Grouping and sorting to form palettes.

Binders & Supplies – Showing a couple different binders I have tried and offering suggestions on what to use. Supplies with alternatives.

Palette Making – Going through the steps to create a Paper Palette. What to include, why to include it? Three paper palettes will be shown, creating endless possibilities. What to do with the extra pieces.

Picking Paints – Now that you have your Paper Palette finished, let me show you ways to pick a paint palette from your pages. You will be surprised to see several emerge from one paper palette.

Palette to Art – Using Paper Palettes to create YOU in a new way. Eight pieces are shared with their paper palettes and finished artwork.

This online course is available for instant access upon payment. To read more or to register click HERE.


If you have any questions about any of our courses please email us at contact@jeanneoliverdesigns.com.

See you in class,

Jeanne Oliver

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