June Course Special | Wallflowers with Renee Mueller 50% Off

This month we offered another free art lesson and it was for Petals on Paper from the course Wallflowers with Renee Mueller.





For the month of June, you can get Wallflowers for 50% off with the code WALLFLOWERS50 at checkout.


This course explores the beautiful subject of flowers and how to weave them into our work with intention—by taking inspiration from the graceful moody paintings of the Old Dutch Masters and a nod to the moving florals of the Impressionist.

We will begin with floral studies in ink, charcoal, and a touch of pastel on vintage paper and add a bit of stitching for texture. Together, we will explore painting a figurative acrylic painting with the look of an oil painting. Next, we will paint an expressive floral still-life on a linen panel using a reference image – it will have the look and feel of a vintage oil painting. Together will mix a beautiful earthy, ethereal color palette and use an acrylic glaze to bring luminosity to the paintings.

This class gathers inspiration from different sources to inspire new art, be intentional while observing your subject, and develop a beautiful creative process. I will provide beautiful reference images for inspiration, a printable sketch of the figurative piece, and my favorite art supply resources.

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Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Gather inspiration from different sources to inspire your work
  • Observing your floral subject and create loose sketches
  • Interpret flowers in your style of drawing and painting
  • Color mixing to create a romantic color palette
  • Floral painting
  • How to create a beautiful, expressive still life using a photo reference
  • Learn to mix beautiful skin tones
  • Glazing techniques to give your acrylic paintings the look of oils
  • Create luminous layers with glazes
  • Paint a figurative piece with flowers
  • Beautiful reference images
  • Supplies and resources
  • Varnishing your paintings



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