March Course Special | Ten Days of Art with Roselyn Pratt

This month we offered another free art lesson and it was for Hats in Art History from the course Ten Days of Art with Roselyn Pratt.






For the month of March you can get Ten Days of Art with Roselyn Pratt at 50% off with the code TENDAYSOFART50 at checkout.

Joining ‘Ten Days of Art’ provides you with a start to finish look at my creative process. Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘He who can copy, can do.’ This class sets the goal of creating art over ten CONSECUTIVE days. Establishing a habit.

The process of becoming an ‘artist’ has many steps. A common one being, studying the artwork of artists we love. I’ll demonstrate how I study the Masters. A simple drawing approach or just jumping in with paint, I share my thoughts on both approaches. These great ‘Masters’ have already struggled and solved many art principles and have much to teach us. By deciding to paint a study, the pressure is removed worrying about WHAT to paint. Instead we focus on the joy of artmaking. Most importantly, remember, you are an artist already. It’s not where we take our art FROM, but where we take our art TO. Ten Days of Art is a fun step on our artistic journey together!

Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Drawing with pen and ink
  • Drawing using colored pencils
  • Painting with acrylics
  • Learning to practice
  • Painting a master copy start to finish

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