May Course Special | The Magpie’s Nest with Aimee Bishop 40% Off

This month we offered another free art lesson and it was for Marking with Flame + Quick Rusting Technique from the course The Magpie’s Nest with Aimee Irel Bishop.




For the month of May, you can get The Magpie’s Nest for 40% off with the code MAGPIE40 at checkout.


Are you a collector of the weird and wonderful? Do you long to find your truest artistic expression?
Do you find yourself picking up little things that catch your eye when you are on walks? Do you save little pieces or special paper and fabric? Let’s explore the spirit of the magpie, a bird with much connected mystique and symbolism!

In this workshop Aimee will be approaching the creative process with curiosity and a playful spirit. Using the Magpie as your muse you’ll be experimenting with different ways to tap into your creative instinct and fearlessness. Aimee will guide you in finding your very own visual language using brushes and mark making tools made with simple accessible materials. While exploring your truest creative expression you will build an artist book full of layers and stories from deep within your soul.

Aimee hopes to share with you how she delves into self discovery by letting go and going deep into herself. Being an observer of the process and being open to any outcome will lead you to making true and personal art that speaks from your soul.

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Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Artist Brush Making
  • Mark Making
  • Finding your visual voice
  • India Ink
  • Rust Dyes
  • Natural Dyes with Tea and Rust
  • Using Flame
  • Sketching
  • Assemblage
  • Stitching on fabric and paper
  • Book binding
  • Weaving



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