Amazonite Prayer Necklace


I was gifted this gorgeous prayer necklace by a local artisan and I am honored to now include them in our shop. I wear mine around my wrist and also as a tool during prayer to stay focused. As I pray I allow my hand to slowly go over each stone until I make my way back to the largest stone and tassel.

Keep it simple, yet stunning, with this Mala necklace with the stone of HOPE. Amazonite is believed to be associated with truth, honor, integrity, trust, and hope. It aids in increasing self-esteem and self-love and is believed to lessen stress. It is a very calming stone. Amazonite brings loving communication, serenity, balance and eliminates aggravation. Handmade in expert detail, it features a variety of semi-precious gemstone beads. Hand-knotted for strength and durability, it can be worn around the neck or even wrapped around the wrist several times. A soft spun silk tassel and Guru bead complete the design with elegance.

Each necklace measures 40″ with the tassel measuring an additional 3 1/2″

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