Building a Creatively Made Business 2.0


Join us the brand new updated version of our popular Building a Creatively Made Business {you'll never know what is possible until you begin} e-course.

This is a three week online course with over 80 videos full of information. We will cover our creative journey, getting started, websites, balancing your creative life with your home life, photographing your product, pricing, wholesaling,  setting yourself apart, growing your brand, creating lookbooks, e-courses, markets and shows and  SO  MUCH MORE!

You will even hear from some of our business owner friends as they share their best advice to you about running your own business (even if you are just in the dreaming stage).

You will instantly have an online community to share ideas and to find encouragement.  You will have a private Facebook page to share your own journey. A good network will make all the difference!

Each of the three weeks we will have live

View our trailer video HERE.

We can't wait to see you in class!


Marian Parsons

Jennifer Rizzo

Jeanne Oliver

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