Classic 18th Century Watercolor Pigment Set


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This set includes 14 pigments in 10ml jars.

The late 18C/early 19C classic watercolor palette as favored by Turner, Girtin, Towne, Cozens, etc. Bind with gum Arabic for instant, delicate watercolors. Use a glass muller to fully mix the
pigment-binder paste and dilute with water as required. The paint mix can be filled into empty pans or shells as required for later use.

Pigment colors include: Dyers Broom, Gamboge, Madder Lake Natural (Italian Red-Orange shade), Carmine Red Lake Genuine Peru, Carmine Lake Genuine Italy, Green Verditer, Blue Verditer, Egyptian Blue, Blue Bice Copper Carbonate, Smalt Blue Glass Genuine, Indigo Genuine India, Davy’s Grey, Payne’s Grey Original (Davy’s Grey – Lapis Lazuli – English Red), Cassel Brown (dissolves in water, as used by Samuel Prout).

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