We are honored to offer you these hand formed incense cones. Each box will arrive with 12 cones and our signature JO box of matches.

KATHAROS is a pre-greek word meaning pure, clean or perfect. Jesus used the term ‘katharos’ in reference to the enlightened heart, the eye of the heart that is unsoiled and unblemished. These hand formed cones are made of premium ingredients that burn clean and set the tone for ritual. Resinous, fruity, sweet wood & warm vanilla fragrance.


12 hand formed cones

Botanical Alchemy
Frankincense We use Boswellia carterii, from Puntland Somalia. It is ethically harvested using a cyclical system, so the trees have time to recover from the extraction process. The our partners makes sure that the gum gatherers are fairly paid.

Frankincense is one of our favorite herbs, and we use it for almost everything. It is very calming for the nervous system and has both relaxing and energizing properties. Because of its tonifying properties, it can be an aid for depression. It is often uses to allay respiratory and sinus issues. Some believe it is a great remedy for the immune system, and has been used for centuries as an aid for calming and tranquilizing the mind. We use it daily before our morning contemplation practice, and to support focus.

Sandalwood We use Santalum spicatum in your incense, wild grown in Australia. It is very high quality powder from the heartwood of the tree.

Sandalwood has a calming and toning effect on the nervous system. It has a very ancient tradition of being used to assist focus in prayer and spiritual practices. Sandalwood is grounding and helps to calm an over active intellect.

Benzoin The Styrax benzoin in our cones is from Indonesia. Benzoin has a long history as an aid for respiratory issues. It was used to aid the recovery of asthma and bronchitis in hospitals up until the 1950’s. Benzoin has mildly comforting properties, giving a feeling of being nurtured. Benzoin helps to steady and focus the mind.

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