Lake District Oil Colours Set


A selection of 8 Wallace Seymour oil colors ground in cold pressed linseed oil in 20ml tubes, all the pigments are from natural, sustainable or reclaimed sources. The set is based on pigments which historically were all available in the Lake District area of the UK.

It contains extremely precious pigments such as bright blue Azurite and utterly unique earths such as the Eden Sandstone, and then there is Kendal Green made from natural weld and indigo.

The full set consists of Honister Green Earth, Kendal Green, Malachite, Leighton Red Ochre – Native Earth, Leighton Red Ochre – Native Mineral, Eden Sandstone, Delvers White, and Azurite Bright Blue.

There are two versions of the Leighton Red Ochre, one earth based and one mineral based, the difference being the mineral based one is much more intense. Delvers white is made from a by-product of the quarrying in the area, and is a soft warmish white.

Jeanne Oliver Designs is the US distributor for Wallace Seymour art supplies.

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