North Country Vintage Watercolor Set


We are thrilled to offer custom curated vintage mineral watercolor sets from Wallace Seymour out of England. This set was curated by Wallace Seymour and is a limited edition set just for the holidays!

The North Country Set includes seven 5ml tubes. The colors include: Borders Red, Ingleton Green Earth, Rudstone, Leigthon Red Ochre, Moughton Whetstone, Mermaid Egg, Honister Green Slate Pale.

Vintage Watercolors by Wallace Seymour are a fine quality, hand-made watercolor paint. Using a mix of traditional, rare and hand sourced pigments, the Vintage Watercolor range offers a selection of unique colors. Hand milled to bring out the best from each individual pigment.

Jeanne Oliver Designs is the US distributor for Wallace Seymour art supplies.

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