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Search by Teacher, ArtistryJourney, Free and also by entering the name of a course on any search page. We want your course to come up in every search it belongs in. You created this course and know the content better than anyone. We need you to check every category your course should be assigned to. We will take care of the teacher category and free/paid category. Although we want your course to come up in as many categories as possible, we do not want it to be in a category it really does not belong to. A student will not end up happy if they found your course under portraits but you don’t spend any real time teaching and using portraits. So please take your time and check off only appropriate categories.

In the form below you will be checking off the Artistry Category, which is basically techniques used or covered in your course. Then you will also check off any of our Journey’s that we offer. Read through that list carefully. It is very normal to be in more than one journey.

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