Meet Brittany Soucy

I live on the seacoast of New Hampshire. (Yes, that exists and it’s beautiful.) I’m grateful that all I have to do is walk across the yard to go to work in my 200 year old barn-studio. It’s like the dream of my childhood and the wish of my heart have come true. I make art because it has always felt like a natural way to process my world. I find myself searching for beauty and craving to find interesting and nourishing ways to express it. I am captivated by light and how its warmth, healing, and truth illuminate everything it touches. I believe that setting aside time for making and appreciating art is an act of self-care. I now understand that the process of art making is an important balm that propels us toward healing. When I was younger I worried that being creative and artistic was a useless talent to have, but now I consider it both a pleasure and a sacred responsibility.

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