About this Site

I had spent years denying how I have been creatively made.

Once I embraced the beauty and joy of creating just for me I saw the impact that honoring my gifts also had on those around me.

Living creatively and using our gifts can look different for each of us. Often times we can deny our gifts and make excuses for not living out our creativity.

When we honor our gifts, creativity and passions it not only makes our lives more beautiful but it spills over into the lives of everyone around us.

You see…it was never just about us.

Imagine the impact we would have on our world if we started honoring the sacred parts of who we are and how we have been made.

This community was born out of our desire to gather creatives of all kinds.

We wanted to create a beautiful and inspiring space where we can come together but also provide easily accessible and affordable online workshops. A place where there would be no more excuses.

This gathering place is for art and lifestyle workshops no matter your experience level.

Let’s give ourselves the permission to be amateurs and the gift of practice.

Being a creative person and living a creative life has far less to do with perfect art and more with being present and showing up.

Let’s start where we are, with what we have and make the whole world our studio.