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Basics of Beekeeping with Jason and Anne Klaske

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Teacher: Jason & Anne Klaske

This Course

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 1.5 Hours of Content hours
Lessons: 9
USD $18
Techniques: Techniques: Home Making, Homeschooling, Lifestyle, Nature
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Course Description

Jason and Anne Klaske will give each student a basic knowledge on beekeeping. This beginner class is perfect for the backyard beekeeper who wants to maintain a hive for pollination for their vegetables and flowers, to gather the honey for personal consumption, and the basics of information for beekeeping.

Day 1:
-Equipment to buy to start a hive
-How to get a colony of bees and which ones to choose for your area/climate
Day 2:
– How to set up your hives and understand their construction
– The basics on feeding your hive when there is no pollen available (early spring)
Day 3:
– How to introduce your queen to a new hive
– What to do in case your hive ‘swarms’
Day 4:
– The best methods for working in the hive (including equipment to wear)
– A basic look into understanding the hive and the ‘language’ of the bees
– How to harvest your honey and the proper bottles/containers for storage
Day 5:
A few recipes to enjoy your newly harvested fresh honey!