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Beneath the Surface | Painting with Translucent Layers with Melissa Fink

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Teacher: Melissa Fink

This Course

Access: Instant
Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 7+ Hours of Content hours
Lessons: 25
USD $62.00
Techniques: Techniques: Abstract, Acrylic, Cut Paper, Ink, Linocut, Mixed Media, Pastels, Stitch, Watercolor
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Course Description

Join Melissa Fink on a journey to dive beneath the surface to create beautiful art with depth, interest, gorgeous layers and color.

In this course you will learn how to use various tools and mediums to build translucent layers. Melissa will also cover techniques such as lino printing, hand stitching, and mark making within our projects. Get introduced to the dance of watercolors and acrylic paint as they join together to create unique and beautiful effects. The techniques you will learn here will translate beyond this course and influence the work you continue to create long after you complete it.

You will create artwork featuring florals, landscapes and abstracts on paper, canvas, and wood substrates. This journey will lead you to new creative discoveries and to experience the joy of creating artwork that is meaningful to you.

You will be guided through the processes of gathering inspiration, creating color palettes, following your own creative intuition to discover and use your own marks as the foundation for creating a painting.

Our hope is that you will fall in love with the depth and interest created by translucent layers. So come along on the journey with Melissa and others to try your own hand at creating translucent layers.

Techniques Taught in this Course

  • Painting with acrylics, pastels, ink, and watercolors
  • Using translucency to highlight underlayers
  • Lino printing basics
  • Lino printing with water soluble mediums/watercolors to create translucent layers
  • Carving floral and landscape Lino prints
  • Use tracing paper, water soluble mediums, and mark making tools to form into beautiful layers
  • Paint intuitively
  • Create small studies for future inspiration
  • Let go of perfection and allow the process to guide you
  • Mark making exploration
  • Painting florals on paper and canvas
  • Create translucent layers with a limited palette
  • Abstract techniques and mark making
  • Create landscape paintings
  • Pulling a palette together
  • Image transferring onto a Lino block
  • Creative stitching to add a unique touch to your artwork