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Free Art Video: Sketchbook Exercises with Diane Reeves

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Teacher: Diane Reeves

This Course

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 22+ Minutes of Content hours
Lessons: 4
Techniques: Techniques: Abstract, Ink
Private Facebook Group: Private Facebook Group: No
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Course Description

Join Diane Reeves as she shares her process for interpreting the world around her with lines and forms. Using a sketchbook, images of interior spaces, brush and ink, she will walk you through her stunning process of seeing. Each piece leaves you with a work of art and eyes to see beauty all around you.

Gather your limited supplies! Creativity is Calling!

This is a lesson with Diane Reeves taken from her course Line+Form. This is a three part video (yes, all are included!) with over 22 minutes of content!

If you love this free lesson we would love to invite you to join the full course WLine+Form.