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Linocut Bootcamp with Sofie Strasser

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Teacher: Sofie Strasser

This Course

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 4.5 Hours of Content hours
Lessons: 21
USD $62.00
Techniques: Techniques: Linocut, Print Making, Stamps
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Course Description

Linocut is a relief printing technique. The idea of using the easy to cut linoleum instead of hard wood as block-material for printmaking originated from the late 19th century and was primarily invented to teach printmaking in school classes.

It is a very versatile and easy-to-do printmaking process and thus very popular among amateur as well as  professional artists. Materials and tools are easy to use and with a bit of patience  everyone can create prints at home on their kitchen table.

This class will teach you to all you need to know to create a beautiful, well-made linocut at home from first draft to final print.

Sofie will introduce students to materials and tools, guide them through creating a draft that is well-fitted for relief printing, and show carving techniques and little tricks that help to get better results.

Sofie  will share what she knows about inks and paper, lead through the hand-printing process, and finally cover maintenance of tools and print storage.

Attending this class, you will experience the satisfaction of printing a whole edition of beautiful and well-made prints! It’s a great technique and Sofie is excited to share it in this course.

This course is open to all levels, all you need to bring is a bit of patience (it’s a quite slow and crafty technique) and some enthusiasm for printmaking.

Techniques Taught in this Course

– Drafting for relief print
– Draft transfer
– Prepping linoleum
– Staining linoleum
– Marking linoleum
– Carving shapes and lines
– Carving transitions
– Free carving
– Background clearing
– Carving tool maintenance
– Fixing mistakes in linoleum
– Paper basics
– Printing ink basics
– Hand print in with a spoon
– Rolling out ink
– Cleaning up
– Editioning