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Ordered Chaos with Dina Wakley

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Teacher: Dina Wakley

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Content: 4+ Hours of Content hours
Lessons: 25
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Course Description

I love the power of a single line. One line can tell a story, express emotion. I also love the collected power of many lines, many colors,
many marks. I know, though, that our lines and colors and marks often get away from us. We over-do it, or we don’t know when to stop. -Dina Wakley

Over the years, I’ve realized that while my work is free, organic, and chaotic, there are actually specific things I do to control and tame the chaos. These control tactics help me make a loose, organic statement but in a way that is accessible. I often call my work “ordered chaos.” It looks free, and it is. It looks chaotic, and it is. But it also plays by some rules. In this class we will play and explore the ways to create chaos, and then play with the rules that I use to corral it into submission.
You will work both large and small, starting in journals and small sheets of paper. Then you’ll turn to large pieces of paper (or canvas, if you wish) and create ordered chaos on a grand scale.
Ready to make a mess with me?