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Salt + Light: Impact the World Right Where You Are with Jeanne Oliver

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Teacher: Jeanne Oliver

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Course Description

Join 18 men and women for a 4 part free online study about Salt + Light: Impact the World Right Where You Are.

Full of stories in how the Lord uses real people in their everyday life, using their authentic gifts to impact others. How showing up right where you are is powerful and good enough. Too often we can think that serving the Lord or others looks like a mission field in Africa. Sometimes it is. Many times it is in your town, at your job, with your neighbor, with your child’s best friend, with the stranger in the grocery store and even your own family.
Let’s look at our placement, our gifts and our open invitation to collaborate daily with a God that is just waiting to hear us say…
I’m In. I’m all in. Use what I have and who I am. Use my brokenness and imperfections. Use my gifts and strengths and open the box that I have placed around myself and You because I desire deeply to do, see and be more.

Salt and Light Devotional

Salt + Light Devotional by Sheila Atchley and Forward by Jeanne Oliver
Order in the store if you would like to use it during the study.