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Scribble Art with Julie Johnson

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Teacher: Julie Johnson

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Teacher Interaction: Self-study
Lessons: 30
USD $62.00
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Course Description

Join Julie Johnson in Scribble Art as she shares how to become loose in your art.

So what makes Art work?
We will study each of the 3 key elements within our lessons on:
*warm up sketching
*continuous line drawing
*directional drawing the importance of the angle
*value sketching
*how to hold our tools
*fast and slow line work
*soft and hard edges
*the all important measuring within drawing
*why should I squint?
*focal point within my art
*letting the viewer finish some of the artwork for me
*how to paint with charcoal
*how to paint with drawing tools
*learn how to do a Grisaille painting with scribbles
Projects we will be working on:
(many of these projects we will do in more than one medium. )
drawing our art supplies
drawing from nature
drawing flowers
drawing animals
drawing from statues
work on 3/4 profile
drawing hands
drawing hair
drawing the figure
drawing emotion
drawing action
value drawing
painting a Grisaille painting