Wild Blue Yonder

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Wild Blue Yonder

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Teacher: Danielle Donaldson

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Course Description

Wild Blue Yonder will go live on March 19, 2018.

Learn to illustrate and watercolor a detailed scene filled with billowing clouds, bitty birds in flight, paper airplanes carrying top-secret messages, radiant sunshine, and dreamy rainbows.

Wild Blue Yonder by Danielle Donaldson

Using worksheets and handouts that compliment my videos, you’ll learn new techniques including:

  • Preparing versatile watercolor palettes in advance that are customized with the colors you love most.
  • Planning compositions in advance with thumbnail sketches
  • Painting large watercolor washes as backgrounds
  • Drawing and painting dimensional clouds, birds and paper airplanes – think shadows!
  • Painting, paper piecing, and sewing to correct inevitable mistakes and add dimension
  • Creating awesome rainbows with transitional washes
  • Adding tons of detail with pencil, ink and white paint

Supply List

Artist-grade watercolors (pan or tube) | Danielle uses Daniel Smith
Watercolor-only brushes | Danielle uses a variety if sizes and shapes but most important, several round brushes from #0-8
Artist-grade paper (140 lb., cold press) | The final project will be approximately 8X10”
Mechanical Pencil (.3 mm lead) and white vinyl eraser*
White ink marker (fineline)*
Mixing palette with wells
Clear Jar/clean water
Paper towels
Table Salt
Patterned paper scraps
Liquid glue (that dries clear)
Sewing Machine (but you can draw stitches if you don’t have one!)
Optional, but often handy: bendable and/or straight ruler, white artist tape, paper trimmer and/or scissors

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Wild Blue Yonder by Danielle Donaldson
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