Vine Charcoal | Cut on the Waning Moon


Vine Charcoal produced in 2019 from the vineyard of Sesti Castello di Argiano in Southern Tuscany. The vines were cut on the waning moon, to retain maximum colour within the plant structure.

This is very high quality and has the perfect balance between holding a mark and smudging. Very fine, dark marks can be made, it has a strong composition and density and can therefore hold a point if required.

It can also produce the classic smudged areas of varying tone. Super versatile.

The Sesti vineyards are producers of the world famous Brunello di Montalcino wine, they operate at a high altitude and follow the phases of the moon during the Vendemmia (wine harvest).

Each box contains approximately 20 hand cut sticks around 10cm long and roughly 7mm in diameter.

Jeanne Oliver Designs is the US distributor for Wallace Seymour art supplies.

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