Meet Anne Marie Klaske

Cooking daily meals from their preserved garden goods or simple fresh meals in and out of the farm, has allowed Anne Marie to embrace a simple slow-down type lifestyle. She is a professional food stylist and writer. Her work can be found in Jo Packham’s publication, Where Women Cook magazine. The newest venture being a brand new article for each issue of WWCook entitled Farm Food & Fashion. A look into not only Anne Marie’s style, but at farm life, the food prepared and the fashion within it. Anne Marie approaches life such as she does sewing or knitting…slowly…embracing the deeper meaning of whatever she might be doing. A daily appreciation for the hard work her husband has for the rock of faith as a foundation as well as the back 3 acres of restored prairie where their 4 bee hives thrive and the horses graze as free as the chickens. Sewing is no exception. Instead of using the machine for most of her work she has switched to relying mostly on her own hands (unless of course she is cuddling or teaching any one of her six children). “embracing the silence and specific care into the piece” Slowing down in life brings a profound appreciation for cooking, sewing, schooling, etc, and in time, Anne Marie hopes to be totally self-sufficient on her little homestead they call na-da farm.

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