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My name is Connie Solera. I am an artist, teacher, and a firm believer that creativity is the language of the Soul. I’ve been on the artist journey since I could hold a pencil in my hand and squish clay in between my toes. My longing to be an artist is what drove me to receive degrees in Painting, Art History, and Art Education. But it was my yearning for the mystical part of art that made me eventually blaze a path of my own. For over 25 years I have been helping my students embrace their greatness as artists, understand the incredible power and wisdom embedded in their unique visual language, and learn valuable tools and techniques to art making. Currently I teach online workshops and host painting retreats in beautiful places such as Sedona, Mexico, and Costa Rica. As an artist I am passionate about the art-Soul connection. Through my creative practice of drawing, painting, and printmaking I am constantly exploring the unseen, mysterious, and sometimes deeper, darker spaces of my being. As a teacher I love to guide my students to do the same.

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