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My name is Hallie Kohn and I am an oil painter from southern Wisconsin. My husband Chris and I have two teenage boys and a Havanese dog to keep us busy. We love to do things together as a family, especially hiking and travel. We have had the opportunity to visit Italy and France a few times, as well as Spain and Switzerland. It is such a blessing to be able to collect inspiration from these special places, as well as right in our own backyard! Fifteen years ago my husband and I were both elementary school teachers with our master’s degrees. I loved teaching third grade, but once our first son was born, we decided to make some sacrifices so I could stay home with our boys. Being home meant that I needed to find something that was just for me, and that amazing thing ended up being art. With no prior experience, art classes (even in high school and college!), I took up oil painting based on a childhood memory of a family friend. Since this was before Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other readily available resources, my learning mostly came from books and my own experiences and practice. It has been a long road with many starts and stops along the way… But I am proud to say that I am a self-taught oil painter and have dedicated myself to this journey; it means the world to me to have my art and I cannot image life without it. Hope you’ll join me! Hallie

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