Meet Lisa Whitlock

Lisa Whitlock | Teacher

Hello! My name is Lissa Whitlock and one of my biggest passions in life is homemaking. I live a simple life and find joy in the smallest of pleasures from the smell of a ripe tomato right off the vine to a strong cup of coffee in the wee hours of the morning. I would do anything for my family and it’s my joy to bless them in these ways. My favorite way to spend an afternoon is to light the candles, turn on some soft jazz or french music and cook up something warm like a big pot of soup. Welcoming my family home at the end of the day to warm smells coming from the kitchen brings me joy! It took me years to find my style, believe me I’ve tried them all, and as I’m entering my mid forties I’ve finally found my stride when it comes to my home! I’d love to pour you something warm to drink and invite you peek into our life!

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