With our new site we are able to start implementing some of the things that you have been asking for.
You can now add any course to your WISHLIST. Start looking through our courses and find the courses you want to take before the sale even begins! Everything will be ready for you when you are ready to checkout!
  1. Go to a course page, click on buy product and at the bottom you will see ADD TO WISHLIST.
  2. At any time you can see all the courses you have added to your WISHLIST by going to your account page.


This year I am feeling extra nostalgic about our beautiful time here at our home and land, as our time here is coming to an end, and I wanted to include some of my favorite older countdown images for the sale.


If you are a member of our creative community and network you know what is coming!

It is almost time for our semi annual 50% off sale on online art and lifestyle courses!



If you are not a part of our network THIS is the time to make sure you are subscribed to our NEWSLETTER and to create an account on our CREATIVE NETWORK (free to create an account).

When you see the countdown coming that means our semi-annual 50% off sale is almost here!

ONE MORE DAY until the sale begins and EVERY course on our site is included in the sale!



This sale allows you to buy as many online courses as you want and our courses are downloadable, lifetime access and also include closed captioning!


The sale will begin on Monday, January 8th @ 6am MT