Once we finally get the kids to bed Kelly and I will often head our opposite directions with Kelly building bikes and me in my studio.

Other nights we will go to bed early and read.

And when we don’t feel like we are going to collapse from exhaustion we pop up some popcorn and watch a movie.

As sure as the sun will rise… as the popcorn is popping (you would think we could make a quieter snack) we hear three little children scampering to the top of the stairs begging for popcorn.

When they are REALLY supposed to be in bed and have been threatened if they get out of bed we will get notes or paper airplanes thrown down to us with random pleas.

This was from our last popcorn night…….

This paper airplane note was written by Maddy…

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please please please

Send up three bowls of popcorn for all of your wonderful children.

Will you?


Your beloved kids


And yes….they got popcorn. How could we say no to that?

{We have tons of these notes.   I will keep them forever…they are so funny to us}

Do your kids stay in bed???