15 days but who is counting? {Weigh in With Your Best Suggestions}

15 days until I leave with Kelly for Paris!

This will be my second time in France but my first time in France with my husband.

This is my 40th birthday present.

This took a lot of hard work and saving to make it happen but now that it is really here I am giddy with excitement.

I have barely thought about the trip because of being busy with the home, children, school planning, business….but now my mind is all focused on this dream trip.

I need your help though!

I am not good about going through books and websites to plan a trip.

I am more of a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl.

That has its great moments but the downfall can be missing out on something because I needed tickets ahead of time.

Right now we are planning to just sit all day and drink cafe’ au lait in the outdoor cafes.

OK…we will do more.

We will drink our share of coffee though so you don’t worry about how I am going to keep my energy up.

The last time I was in Paris I didn’t see the Musee d’ Orsay and that is on the top of our list.

I also really want to see the Luxembourg Gardens.

I have already been to Sacre Coeur but I want to take Kelly there so he can walk to the top of the dome too and see that incredible view of Paris.

Montmartre is one of my favorite arrondissement in Paris and I can’t wait to spend an afternoon just taking our time together.

So, this is where I NEED all of you.

Because I am a loser…I mean fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal….I want to know if there are restaurants we HAVE to visit.

Exhibits that stole your heart.

A special out the way shop.

Your favorite cafe.

A theater that we will never forget.

A market that we may not know of.

I think you get the picture.

The next two weeks we will finally be putting our plans in place and making plans for the incredible trip but we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your suggestions.

Please leave them here on this post or email me at Jeanneoli@hotmail.com.


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  1. jamie

    We took a day and went to Giverny Monet’s Gardens! Probably a very Touristy thing to do, but we both really Enjoyed it. Gorgeous and so much Beauty to see. We stopped in a little town on the way back too, that was so quaint and of course, I can’t remember the name of it for my life. Plus, it is a beautiful drive from Paris to Giverny. Just a thought.. You must be so Excited…Have a Fabulous time.

  2. cathy

    I know you LOVE books so Shakespeare and Co. would have to be on your list….I nearly had to drag my daughter out of there kicking and screaming…. but for me just walking the streets and coming across gorgeous little patisseries and just taking in everything was my highlight we stayed at one of the havens in paris apartments in St Germain (amazing) and being able to run down stairs and grab a couple of croissants or baguettes….. oh my heart stops just thinking about it….So happy for your both what an amazing time you will have xo

  3. Kim L.

    Yes! You absolutely must see the Musee d’ Orsay! I just stood there in awe with Ada forever. We just couldn’t believe that we were standing there in front of those paintings. We had seen them in books and prints a million times, but to actually see them in person – wow! We also enjoyed the Louvre but don’t try and see everything. Just hit the things you really enjoy. I would rather see a lot of some things than a little bit of everything.

  4. Amber

    I agree! My daughter and I enjoyed the Musee d’ Orsay MUCH more even than the Louvre. It was much more doable, not so overwhelming. I would suggest doing a little research on the artists that are featured there, I remember wishing I had refreshed myself on Impressionist artists since my humanities classes in college! Since I was with a school trip what I wished most was that I could have spent some time in the French countryside, we spent all our time in the city. I believe you are already planning to do this but please take photos of all the shops, markets and vintage finds you encounter so I can live vicariously through you! I am turning 40 in September as well, so I will be pretending it is my birthday gift too!

  5. Barbara@thetreasuredhome.com

    I would ty to join a guided tour of the d’ Oraay. It’s not as intimidating as the Louvre. The d’Orsay has a cafe too, in case you get hungry or need a coffee. I wish I could remember the name of the little island near the Notre Dame. Forgive my spelling…no guide book near by. It’s called Ille St. Louis. It’s absolutely darling. Mega pricey real estate! When I got off the island, I saw a beautiful little restaurant. This was a day spent by myself and it was truly memorable! The staff at this cafe couldn’t have been kinder, when I told them I couldn’t speak or read French. They interpreted the menu for me! The ceiling was painted and there were the most interesting people to watch! Lunch was great. I felt like such a grown up! I’m a fly by the seat of my pants person, too. It has more advantages than disadvantages, in my book! Have a blast!

  6. Isabel ~ Maison Douce

    Jeanne, Lisa has kept a record of all the things we did together, I tend to forget names of streets and stores… We visited the Marche d’Aligre, a quaint open-air flea market where we found some treasures that did not break the bank. The Jardins du Luxembourg are definitely a must, pack a little picknick and lay in the grass, along with dozens of others… A great way to soak in the french atmosphere! If you enjoy fabric, you have to visit Le Rouvray, it’s a sweet quilt store owned by an American, they have a beautiful collection of french toiles and provincial fabrics. It’s a stones’ throw away from Notre Dame (across the river). Just check their timetable, I believe they are only open between 1 and 6 Tue-Sat. Just a few streets away was this amazing Creperie with the most delicious crepes! If you want to do a little clothes shopping at inexpensive prices look for Zara and H&M… If I think of more I will come back. Have fun!!!

  7. Rachel Callaghan

    HI Jeanne – I went a few years ago with my sister, and our absolute highlight was the Sculpture garden of Rodin. The sculptures were fantastic – but for us two gardeners – the layout of the gardens was just so full of atmosphere, and such a contrast to the bustle outside the walls. And almost across the road – I ADORED looking at the decorated cannons, topiary and window frames of Napolean’s Hospital d’invalade – which is behind his tomb. We didn’t go in the buildings – just looked at the gardens out the front. Also – take the open-topped bus tour whenever in a new city. Gives you your bearings, plus you can get on and off when you like. Or go back. Fills you in on the best bits. And another – (oh goodness I want to go back just thinking about all this!!!) – Musee d’Orsay – do some reading on the artists first, and I advise taking a tour, or at least the head set. I think you miss so much if you just nosey around yourself. I was completely gob-smacked by seeing Monet’s water lily paintings in real life. No photo will ever capture the depth. We stayed on the Isle St Louis – the island beside Notre Dame, which was amazingly central and I just enjoyed going for early morning runs, thinking – wow – I am running through the streets of PARIS!!! Have a fabulous time in the city of romance!!! Rachel, NZ

  8. connor

    Maybe locks of love too !
    -but boy i’d do it just as you have said it-cafes and lattes.
    no plans-
    Museums can’t be missed because i’m sure you’ll be out fo breath staring at a piece that
    has always been familiar and famous.”look honey look!”
    Art inspires you so it would wonderful to see art!
    …if it were me, i’d find out where the ballet is practicing, and sneak a peek into a classroom…get
    someone to sign her name on your shoe. you’ll be dancing all evening :)enjoy!

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