| Our favorite neighborhood horse is Luna! She is always watching what we are up to and many from our live workshops will recognize this beauty! Thank you Libby for letting Luna be our model:-)|


If you are a member of our creative community and network you know what is coming!

If you are not a part of our network THIS is the time to join (it is free to join)!

When you see the countdown coming that means IT is almost here!

THREE days until our semi-annual 50% off online course sale!

 Can you tell we love making these countdown photos? 

This sale allows you to buy as many online courses as you want and our courses are downloadable, lifetime access and all newer courses also include closed captioning!


The sale will begin on Wednesday, January 5th @ 9am MT


*Note Promotion Details Applicable*

Does Not Apply Towards: Shop Merchandise of any kind | Workshops | Gift Cards |
Cannot be applied towards previous purchase: Not during the sale or after