Finding Myself Missing Writing

[Within the past two weeks we have packed up a home, moved outside of town onto acreage, unpacked, started to make a house a home, went to the Daddy Daughter Ball and drank a lot of coffee]

It seems that with the busyness of life, family and business that I don’t choose to write out my thoughts here as often. My free time now may be a late night walk, cuddling up on the couch, sitting with a teen at the kitchen counter or very likely heading to bed early. I am so ok with this change but as I began to type it was surprising how out of practice I have become at writing out my thoughts here.

Nothing has shown me that we are in the next stage of life, marriage and parenthood like this past year. Our home is full of social lives that aren’t mine, beginning stages of so many things that we are still trying to figure out , a business that is growing strong and beautiful and learning how to balance and navigate all of that, children that seem to need us so much more than the ages when we thought they needed us the most and a marriage that has to find its way in the midst of these years. I find myself exhausted some evenings but making the choice to find my way out of the fog to spend time, drive or connect when I thought I had nothing left. This parenting teens and a 9 year old gig is not for the weak of heart yet in the same breath I am totally smitten with their fierce sense of humor, their willingness to talk to me, their hand holding and cuddles when they are willing and seeing glimpses of who they are becoming. It is an exhausting and beautiful privilege and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

My time and energy is spent right where it needs to be but I am also realizing that I still have a deep and strong love of writing and I want to share it outside of just my online courses or live workshops.

I just wanted you to know where I have been and that I would love to find my weekly voice here again in an authentic way that fits my changing days.

Love to you,



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  1. brenda

    It will be lovely to read what you choose to express and share in writing. I love your written words:-)

  2. Linda Robison

    Oh it would be so wonderful to hear your thoughts and adventures again here, I miss that.

  3. Ashley Murphy

    So happy you are finding your place in writing again in the midst of all things busy. Teen life is wonderful. I’ve walked through it already with my now 20 year old and about to walk through it with my 12 year old among being married 20 years. All things are amazing in His path of obedience. Even on the days we mess up. I can so see you offering a writing class, writing a book along side everything else.

  4. Carol Weiler

    I certainly look forward to whatever you have to share. Sure don’t know how you manage it all. By now you’ve seen how fast those kiddos grow up and leave the nest. Although it’s sometimes hard enjoy it while you can.

  5. moongirl

    This is a beautiful post and I love seeing your new home on Facebook as you post pictures of making it your own place. It’s beautiful, fresh and peaceful looking. I too, homeschool, and find it a challenge to simply make art let alone do what you do, run a business! But yes, those children are golden, they take precedent indeed. Many blessings to you and your family. Kids are the best, they teach us so much when we think we are teaching them! Your online network is amazing. I am looking forward to the clay class beginning this month and have taken two of Danielle’s classes. They are wonderful! Perhaps my boys will create alongside me. 🙂

  6. Rachel Callaghan

    Beautifully expressed, Jeanne. I am in a similar position, and am loving seeing the people my two teenagers are becoming. Priorities change. Great if you can get time for yourself amongst it all. Good luck. Have a lovely day. xoxo

  7. Krista

    I have missed your writing posts, but I know how busy life can be. Even though I know you only through your blog, I feel like I know you as a friend. I always looked forward to reading your updates about yourself, your family & your home. Our kids grow up so quickly, so taking care of them must come first. Blessings to you & your family and all these new adventures!

  8. Lauren

    Jeanne, I have also missed your writing and I am so glad we will be able to hear you more. We are also in the process of packing and moving to our first real home and I couldn’t be more excited. I am looking so forward to seeing how you make your new house a home for your family.

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