4 Days of Juicing {and I almost ate my children}

We have been juicing since before we had kids.

My favorite used to be carrots, apples and parsley.

We have gone through a few juicers over the years and even the kids like it.

Since finding out all about my food allergies we have gone back to juicing and basically trying to make most things from scratch.

I kept on reading about people doing the juice fast and feeling terrific.

High energy levels, clear skin, sharper mind, you look 18 again….

OK, that last one wasn’t on the list but I did read tons of awesome benefits of just juicing for 4+ days.

I thought, “Hey, I juice almost everyday anyways.Β  What is the big deal to just juice for 4 days?Β  How hard can it be?”

I almost ate my children.


The first day was a piece of cake.


Second day was harder but I could do this.Β  Right?

Third day was HARD.

There wasn’t enough juice in the world on day three to make me feel full.

I was caught randomly chewing on the furniture and….

OK, OK…maybe I am exaggerating just a bit.

It was hard though.

I just kept telling myself that I was half way there.

One more day to go.

On day four I was thinking about what I was going to eat on day five.

I had everyone all ready to hit White Chocolate Grill and order ribs and fries.

Don’t even think for a second I didn’t also have some of their chocolate souffle

At the end of day four I could have gone on.

For real.

Why would I do that?

The truth is that I really did feel great during the juice fast.

My energy level was very high throughout the day and then I went to bed at a really decent time.

Maybe I was just going to sleep to forget that I couldn’t eat anything.

My skin was clear.

My stomach felt flatter.

Duh, there was nothing in it!

I lost 5 pounds but I am sure once you eat real food that just comes back.

I felt so good and my energy was so high that I have really tried to continue juicing until noon or so each day.

I juice in the morning and then make enough for a second glass later.

We juice pretty much anything around here but during the juice fast this is the juice I made each day.

Green Juice

Organic Kale (1/2 of a bunch)

2 cups of organic spinach

2 1/2 organic, green apples

1 organic cucumber

3-4 stalks of organic celery

1 organic lime

1/3 bunch of organic cilantro or parsley

{sometimes I would throw in a little ginger root}

The apple and lime makes it sweet enough to drink and like I said before….even my kids will drink it.

It is a really great way to start the morning and I would do it again.


If all sweets were out of the house.

And the grocery stores had burned to the ground.

And my children were not around to be a tempting snack.

OK, maybe not.

On a side note I thought you would like to see where I put my extra stash of “green juice” in the fridge today.

(and not like your cool “stash” of cigs or vodka…..just green juice)

This made me laugh after I took the photo because this was not staged at all.

Protected on each side…..by whipped cream.


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  1. Christina

    My husband and i have been doing a juicing fast this week too, but it was me at the end of day 1 that couldn’t face another juice. It was sooo cold here and cold juice just didn’t do it, so we had a vegie soup and that made it possible to face day 2. I have dermatitis on my scalp, and have gone back to basics to try and work out what causes it.
    Enjoy your juicing!

  2. Lee W

    OMG, kudos to you- I don’t think I could do it! That being said, I like the idea of juicing, but the recipes seem awful… can green stuff really taste this good? I have IBS and roughage is really difficult for me, but I’m wondering if juicing would make it easier on my digestive system?

  3. Bessie

    Hilarious! We’ve been talking about starting juicing the past couple of weeks. Now would probably be a good time to start with all of our spring and Sumner vegetables growing in th garden. ~Bess

  4. Rose D., Frenchtown, NJ

    This post came just in time, Jeanne! I was going to ask you what you put in your juice…Same as what we do in our home. Makes us feels great but by 2 pm I’m dying for a grilled cheese!!! Enjoy your day. ~rose

  5. teri

    I agree with Lee. I like the idea of juicing. I don’t want to do it, but I like the idea. Loved reading this.

  6. Heather

    haha, this is great!! I attempted to make myself green juice yesterday but was thinking (for some door nail reason) that I could do it in my blender. Well, er.. it was like chewing on cold broccoli soup. I’m going to try my kitchen aid attachment today and try your recipe πŸ™‚ Thanks Jeanne!!


  7. kelly barton

    giggling through it all.
    i haven’t done a fast, but
    i juice many mornings and sometimes
    for a second time. i like a light
    dinner, bigger lunch. actually
    going in the kitchen to make my
    breakfast juice.

    thanks for the amazing images and the funny stories.

  8. Kimberly

    We have the same juicer!! I just bought it this weekend and already love it. Four days though… This wheat thing is enough of a challenge for me! I do love your glass pitcher – I have been looking for one and may need to go searching today!

    1. jeanne Author

      We bought that glass pitcher in DC at an antique store after we were first married. I loved that store. It was called Miss Pixies and I went there every payday:-)

  9. alicia @ la famille

    ok, you are hilarious. i want to loose ten pounds right now and you just about had me convinced there…but chewing on my slipcovered couch just sounds gross. πŸ˜‰ also i’m not so sure about liquified kale…hmmmmm. i’d have to sample before commiting to a juice fast. i’m impressed tho!

    also…just wanted to ask you about the log-in info for your new class. i’m SO excited to do it!! i WON a spot and feel like super duper lucky! this is something i really need to boost my biz. if you could let me know if i’m just missing something completely or if you emailed me already or what, but i’m not sure where to go to actually take the class πŸ˜€ thanks, jeanne.

  10. lissa

    I want to try juicing! Not to the point of eating my children but I would like a juicer! I tried some at williams sonoma the other day and it was amazing! I don’t know if I could make it 4 days… good for you! Although I may try anything for a flatter stomach. πŸ˜‰

  11. mgriffin

    Laughing through this post and loving the photos. Do you use the pulp left from juicing for anything?

    1. jeanne Author

      No. I hate throwing it all away but let’s be honest here…I wouldn’t do anything anyways.

  12. lulu and family

    love that all that extra energy gained those days went to thinking about food you dreamed of eating.=) can’t wait to get you that book i am gifting you soon! until we get a juicer, i’ll come to your house to try recipes.=) just made a simple concoction from the book yesterday with the kids. we all loved it: 2 grapefruits and 1 lime squeezed dry, tablespoon raw honey, and 2 mint sprigs. these ingredients serve 2. i added a cup of water to spread out the goodness with the kids. blended it. super refreshing! have a great day!

  13. Melinda

    Too funny Jeanne!!~ But good for you for sticking with it!!
    I would love to try this. Thanks for the recipe.
    Have a beautiful day.

  14. Pingback: the greenLIFE. sacred life.

  15. pam

    I did a similar juice regimen about a month ago. Instead of going cold turkey,I spent the week before pretty much going vegetarian. Without my husband home it was actually pretty easy for me. I never lasted a full day on juice, I had at least one chewable vegetable meal and included beans/nuts. I lost 10 lbs. Then Easter came, the candy didn’t get me it was the dinner….I decided to wait until I come back from Italy to start over again. It definitely makes you feel better, and waay more energetic! Thanks for sharing your story πŸ˜‰

  16. Arrica M

    hahaha…I completely get it. I always joke that hungry people are mean people…from experience. Also, I thought I was the only one who said the phrase “eat your young”. I actually say to my self frequently in a chant “don’t eat your young, don’t eat your young”. Having 6, I wouldn’t be hungry any more! (totally kidding)

  17. Lucie Hale

    Jeanne, I just started reading your blog, and today’s post literally made me laugh out loud! I know how much I love my kids, as much as you do, and the thought of eating them was too much to bear! For that reason alone, I probably will not be juicing! I think I would really eat my kids!!!
    Anyway, keep up the good blogging and great work at home with everything you do! You are an inspiration!

  18. the domestic fringe

    This whole post cracked me up! Your willpower and determination to only drink juice for 4 days is inspirational. Glad you feel good. πŸ™‚

  19. Yby5

    Great post! Im currently on a bland diet…this recipe could be a nice addition. I’m already hungry just eating plain chicken, rice and steamed veggies….guess that’s more than what you had:) I’m going to give it a try soon-thanks!

  20. Becky

    My friend shared your blog with me and I love it. I have been juicing for close to 20 years but have recently not been following the regime I use to have. I also recently did a cleansing fast (Senecca 4 day) … I love your green juice, never gave thought to the lime, when my kids first saw me juicing they called pond scum! Will be activly following your blog now, thanks.

  21. Marti

    What a funny post! And you had me at “I lost 5 pounds”, and I really didn’t hear the rest of the positives or the negatives! I really want to try it. Thanks so much for sharing the juice recipe. ~Marti

  22. dorothy.

    you are hysterical. πŸ™‚ i loved reading this. i stumbled on it as i was searching for info on juicing. i just ordered a juicer today.

    in addition to enjoying your humorous blog, i enjoyed ‘stealing’ many songs from your playlist. *great* taste. πŸ™‚ hope you don’t mind.


  23. Mallory

    I tried this and I loved it! But I dont know if I could go 4 days off of just this one. Do you have anymore to try?

  24. Mary

    I have both an expensive, top-quality mitcatasing juicer and an inexpensive citrus one. I would recommend getting a juicer and that way you can make your own juice, because fresh, raw veggie and fruit juices are, hands-down, THE most potent and healthy detoxifying things you can consume. I wouldn’t want to live without my juicer. The juice from the store is pasteurized and therefore all the enzymes and some of the vitamins will be destroyed, and the live quality of the juice is what makes it so wonderful for juice fasting and detoxing because it gives you energy and good nutrition while you are not eating solid food. I have fasted both using natural, but store-bought juice, and my own fresh juices, and I can tell you from personal experience, that a raw juice fast will make you feel better than you ever thought possible. Nothing can compare to the level of benefit it does to the body.Having said that, I understand that a good juicer is a big investment, and if you are going to be fasting regularly I would save up for one (that’s what I did). For right now though, I would just buy a cheap citrus juicer at the store and fast on fresh orange, grapefuit and lemon juices. Or, you can do a master cleanse lemonade fast. That works wonders too, and I’ve done it with both fresh lemon juice and unprocessed, organic lemon juice from the store. Both are good.If you decide to just used purchased juice, I would only fast 4 or so days, because that kind of juice doesn’t have enough nutrition to sustain the body healthily on a long fast.Or perhaps you have a juice bar nearby and can buy fresh juice for yourself? That is just as good as making your own when you don’t have a juicer.Hope I helped! good luck with your fasting journey! cheers

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