The House is Clean (kind of)


Many of you have emailed me to show pictures of the rest of our home.  The house is usually not clean enough for pictures, so this is all you are getting:-) My eight year old's room is completely off limits!  I hope you are all enjoying getting your home ready for Christmas.  We are excited to have my mom and dad coming for Christmas.  We have kept things pretty simple this year, but we always love the glow of the tree.  My two year old runs to turn it on every morning and it doesn't go off till we head to bed.  It is hard to take it down in January.  Do you think a Valentine's tree could become popular?  How about Easter? :-)








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  1. traci

    your home looks beautiful. very warm and inviting. love all the books!! i could sit in that comfy little chair and read the day away. thanks for sharing.

  2. chas at the wild raspberry

    Your house looks beautiful and inviting. I really love your kitchen. I’m off to clean!

  3. Tricia Whisler

    Your home is absolutley BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the colors you chose! I think I have the exact same floral rocker as you! Is it from Broyhill? Again, sooooo beautiful and inviting! Can I come over?

  4. kara

    glad to see you live in a house! i was sure you lived in a tent, a 10×10 pop-up to be exact.{hee-hee} i shouldn’t bring that weekend up, but we’ll never forget it will we?!
    your home is darling & love the pics of you with the kids! i hope all is well!

  5. Bethie

    Gosh Jeanne, just beautiful pictures of your home. I just love the pics with your kids! I could just come in and sit in that living room, very warm and inviting…maybe the next snow storm and I’m stuck in CR!

  6. Terri Conrad

    Good morning Jeanne,
    I am so delighted you left a post on my blog as it’s allowed me to visit yours and received the peace and beauty it offers. I am continually amazed with the wonderful talent that exists that we seem to find only thru connecting on one another’s blog.
    Thank you for you kind compliments. I will find myself visiting again and inviting my readers to do so as well.
    Blessings to you and the merriest of holidays.
    Terri Conrad

  7. Tara

    Your house looks amazing! so warm and inviting….Happy Holidays and I just love the little notebook I bought from your store and I know my girlfriend will love it~

  8. Becky @ Farmgirl Paints

    Hey girlie,
    I’ve spent the morning going back through your blog. I feel like some kind of psycho blog stalker, but it’s so great to see you and to hear the stories you’ve told me in person. You are so real Jeanne. I just love you. Your family is beautiful, and finally I came to the pictures of your home…gorgeous. I knew it would be:)
    I spent yesterday moving forward. Started the Etsy account (didn’t list anything yet), made some calls about prints, went to the post office etc… I have some questions to ask regarding Etsy…I’ll email you. Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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