Saturday morning was flea market day.

If you remember last month you will know that I woke up to pouring rain.

The sound of birds chirping at 5 am was a pleasant change this time.

My husband and I packed up the truck.

He thought I would need to make two trips but I reassured him that with enough bungees and tie downs that I could do it in one trip.

I wish I would have taken a photo because I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies!

Kelly told me to not drive over 20 mph…..or he couldn't guarantee my success.

I was down town setting up around 6:30 and it was so wonderful to set up without the rain.

Melanie arrived just after I had unloaded my truck and we started putting everything together.

Doing a market with Mel is easy peasy!  She is easy going and our things mesh PERFECTLY.


Picnik collagef

She says that she brings the cake and I bring the icing:-)

Our tastes truly compliment each other and the end result is so pretty (without even trying).

Picnik collagec

Nothing is stressful and whatever we get done and bring to the table is good enough.

Picnik collageb
(the two of us in one of the vendor's booth)

The market was more successful than last month but I think people still just don't know we are there yet.

Picnik collageg

I am hoping that with each month more and more people will come out as word of mouth gets out.

Picnik collagee

I will admit that I was so tired and sore after the long day. 

Picnik collagea

I had probably spent too many nights up late getting ready for the market and with the sun I was about to collapse when I got home.

I actually did fall asleep in the living room chair as Maddy gave me a foot rub (gotta love that girl…she was playing spa).

We then heading out for Mexican that included a big 'ol margarita and we ended the night with a movie at home (because that is all I was capable of).

I am not sure what other months I will be selling because of other commitments but let me reassure you that booth after booth was full of pure talent.

I love seeing how creative people are and their gifts are always blowing me away.


If you are in the area you will love this new little market.


On a side note I only have FIVE  more days until FRANCE!!!

As I write I am stuffing my face with kettle corn….and I know for a fact that will not make me look hot in my bathing suit while soaking up the sun in the South of France and Paris…hmmmmmm!