A Heart That Is Content {and thankful}


Why do we sometimes have to slow down enough to realize how richly we have been blessed?


This thankfulness can come from reading about a stranger that has lost a loved one, hearing about a friend that just lost their job, seeing a homeless man at a stoplight.

Sometimes it even comes in the midst of your own hurt.

Maybe it comes as you watch someone you love taking their last breathes…and you are thankful for their life.

Thankful for those that loved you and you loved

Thankful that there is more after this life.

Sometimes your thankfulness comes from watching a movie that touches your heart so deeply that you notice the world differently.

I watched Pursuit of Happyness for the first time this week.

I can not imagine being homeless and then homeless with a child.

I appreciated our home …these walls even more.


These walls hold safe the ones that I love.


Walls that keep us protected, warm and dry at night.


Windows that shake with the winds but keep the cold and wind out.


Blankets that are wrapped around us and bring warmth.


A refrigerator that is full of food…especially right now. 


So my heart is so content and so very thankful for….

 A studio full of paint and canvases.

 A husband that loves and respects me deeply.

A husband that cherishes his family and children. 

He has never once made us ever think that we are a burden….He lets us know that we are his dream too!

Children that have always been my hearts desire.

A home that protects this family of mine.

Good jobs that provide.

A God that has given us everything yet never demands our love..He gives us a choice.

Friends that encourage, laugh and cry with me.

Family that has loved me from the beginning.

There are so many things I am thankful for…but contentment starts right here.

It starts in my heart.  Within me.  It then stretches out to my marriage and children.


I love Thanksgiving because it is all about opening the doors of your home, welcoming those you love and remembering and being thankful for this life (even when life is hard). 


I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family.  If you are alone this holiday I hope you find joy in that day and enjoy that time all alone to take walks, create, read or cuddle up and watch your favorite movie.


I hope your heart is content and so, so thankful!


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  1. Melissa

    Love this post and I agree so many things to be thankful for. I love your home! It looks cozy inviting and gorgeous.

  2. nathalie

    Thankful for your blogs of inspiration..
    who would have guessed that blog land would bring my heart such joy….Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Amanda asweetliferocks

    Jeanne, this is the most beautiful post I have seen lately. I know that must have taken some of your precious time….thank you for your time. What a beautiful home and what deeply moving words! Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. bonnierose

    Beautiful post dear Jeanne.
    We are all so so blessed.
    your home is beautiful. I can’t believe you raise kids there.. wow.. everything is so perfect! It’s beautiful… wow.
    You are an inspiration.
    SO thankful to call you a friend of mine.. xo

  5. Jennifer Rizzo

    Your home is so gorgeous! I am so glad you shared the pictures with us. We are blessed and I am blessed to have a wonderful and creative friend like you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! ๐Ÿ™‚ J

  6. Diana Thompson

    What a beautiful post! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! We all need to remember the blessings we all have in our lives, especially family and loved ones!!

  7. Lisa

    Lovely post Jeanne, I try to remember this everyday, even on those that I am feeling sorry for myself!! Your house looks beautiful dressed up for Thanksgiving. Wishing you a wonderful day with your family!

  8. martha

    Oh jeanne
    this post and your images re so beautifully written and intertwined
    happy thansgiving to you and thanks for sharing this
    that movie was beyond touching to me too

  9. anne marie

    I’m so very thankful that you and I have become friends Jeanne…..and our children too…..
    Have a great weekend!!!
    (absolutely lovely posts, and your house looks just as lovely)
    Anne Marie

  10. Shannon

    Beautiful Words,
    Beautiful Pictures,
    Beautiful Post,
    You described everything Thanksgiving is and should be perfectly!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jeanne!!

  11. Zita - Mlle Magpie

    Such a beautiful post, Jeanne. Even though the Canadian Thanksgiving was in October, I am thankful for you ๐Ÿ™‚ – Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  12. Lara

    So thankful for 2010..the year we finally met in person! You have been richly blessed…I love it that you know it.
    Gonna stash me some angel-cuteness in my purse when I come to visit…you’ll never miss it! ha!
    So much love on this holiday, Jeanne!

  13. Leah C

    A most beautiful post…full of beautiful words and pretty pictures:) My heart is a content & happy one, and so very thankful! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your dear family, Jeanne:)
    P.S. Your home is soooo very lovely!

  14. Leah C

    P.P.S. Oh…I love that song “All About Your Heart” that you put on your playlist…I need to add it to mine:)

  15. BearSheCottage

    I love that you speak from your heart. You can just tell from your words. And your home is beautiful which is a reflection on your spirit. Hope you do have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family.

  16. Amy Baldwin

    What a heartfelt message. I truly loved and agree with every word of it. Your music is so very peaceful too. What an amazing end to such a beautiful day. Thank you!

  17. Dearest sweet Jeanne, you are such a beautiful person and im thankful that i found you along my creative journey! Your home is soo beautiful and im loving that gorgeous bunting! Hope you thanksgiving was full to the brim! Love to yoU!

  18. sherryhicks

    I hope you had a Happy ThanksGiving! I loved your post very touching! I wanted to say that we have the same color scheme, I have slice yellow gold in laundry room and hall and the olive green in entry and kitchen. Brown in master and light beiege in bath. Love your decor!

  19. Wirda

    Thank you for sharing a very private part of your life and home with us. It is truly inspiring. I have the same sentiments…when i lost my father 3 yrs ago, he left my family and i with this place we call Home. Today, we still ponder on how life could have been if he didnt. * THANKFUL…so thankful*

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