Becky lives in Minnesota and can have a hard time with all the gray, snow and cold during the winter.

She was having an especially hard day when Lissa told her that we would come and visit her.

I had NO idea about that deal!!!

I received a voice mail soon after from Lissa (in her cute voice) telling me what she had promised….and hoped that it was ok.


Minnesota in the winter?


I then called her back and told her she has never felt REAL cold before if she was volunteering us for MN.

I then proceeded to tell her that I would go….but….what if we all met up in Seattle instead.

I had never been and even if it rained a little at least it wouldn't' be freezing!!!

Becky agreed.

We bought our tickets and Lissa got busy doing so many little things to make up feel so precious and special.

I love to bless others with entertaining, good food and a pretty house so I appreciated all the little and big things she did for us.

Everything she did just let us know from the second we walked in the door that she was so thankful that we had taken the time to come and stay with her.

I have to first tell you that her home is so gorgeous that I am a little nervous that my photos will not do it justice.

Even though I had seen photos of her home on her blog…. I was not prepared for not only how lovely it was …..but how welcoming, warm and comfortable.


Picnik collageb


This is the view from her living room windows.

It was so incredible that I couldn't stop taking photos.

I am used to the mountains (living in Colorado) but to see the water and all the trees was just gorgeous!

And I haven't even told you about the weather.

It was in the high 50s the whole time….stunning!



This was our room.

It was so lovely and the duvet was so pretty that I wanted to take it home.

I felt like I was staying at a bed and breakfast.

Basket of towels, lavender, gifts on the pillows.

Lissa thought of everything.

What I didn't take photos of was the new beautiful bathroom that her husband had worked so hard on for us (thanks again)!!

I think he was glad we were there so he could stop working:-)

Picnik collagea

I arrived earlier in the day than Becky.

She arrived that evening with Sasha.

We were also joined by Lissa's sister Stefie, Julie and Janelle.

Lissa had prepared an incredible meal with the most delicious appetizers.


The table was set so beautifully with so many little details.

Now onto the dessert.

I LOVE cupcakes.


She made these…


Be still my beating heart.

Carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

We ate a lot of these.

Sometimes more than just one.

Lissa's children would beg for them and we would tell them to go away and leave us alone.

Ok…not really…alright we did.

Picnik collagec

Our first night in Seattle was so much fun and it was only the beginning….



I will post more on my trip to Seattle on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!