A Little Midwest Stroll


There are few things that I miss from growing up in the Midwest as much as the trees!

Trees that provided us endless hiding places and shade throughout the hot summers.



Trees that painted the hills with the most gorgeous colors in the fall.


Trees that were my dreaming place. 

I can remember many times that I would sit under a tree with my art supplies or journals dreaming of all the things I wanted to become.

So when we come home we always have to walk where our feet crunch the leaves underneath and our heads are covered from above with their shade.


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  1. amy

    the gold is out here…in the mountains, but the variety of color here does not compare with the land to the east. i love me some shade trees!=)

  2. Courtney Walsh

    I miss the apple orchard (the cider especially) but also the red trees. I loved the bright fall colors. 🙂 Can we have a camera conversation tomorrow? I’m making a list of lenses I’m saving up for…:)

  3. Traci

    beautiful. i love the trees too. that image of the three kids on the path. great one girl. love the composition!!!!

  4. Kathryn

    Beautiful photos. I moved to Virginia over a year and a half ago and miss all the beautiful state parks that I would lose myself in when I lived in Connecticut.

  5. staceyyaculastudio

    I also miss so much of that as well about being home. The trees I love how they change with the seasons and yes fall is my very favourite. I miss the family walks in the bush. (it seems where we live now we have to take the car to get to such a place)
    Beautiful images of a wonderful day that captures the magic of being amongst the trees!

  6. Leah C

    There’s something special about taking a stroll where the sun comes streaming through the canopy of trees above:) And your photos are picture-perfect!

  7. Susan

    I agree. Even one better are trees with fruit in them. APPLE TREES to be specific. Natures way of providing everything for ya.

  8. Suzen

    …and don’t forget tree houses! Sitting up there in that space you made yourself listening to the swishing sound of the leaves, just the best! I love how you remember to appreciate the most ordinary things in life. You are lovely, Jeanne! Speaking of trees, we just came back from Vermont this weekend and the leaves were spectacular, as usual. Nature’s fireworks!

  9. Jordan Retro 8

    I was in fact searching for this useful resource a handful of weeks again. Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom. This will likely definitely heading to assist me in my tasks.

  10. kolleen

    fabulous pictures!!!
    oh how i miss this time of year in the midwest.
    i was born and raised in small town illinois and am now a california girl (well, not really….but i live here!!)
    these pictures put a big huge smile on my face and to hear about how they are your dreaming place!!!
    i am looking forward to meeting you in a week!!!
    Brave Girls…HERE WE COME!!!

  11. Chrissy

    How beautiful is your family! And your photography is breathtaking! I am so thrilled to be able to meet you oh so soon!
    I can.t tell you how excited I am for brave girls camp!!!!

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