We all have favorite items that make our days a little nicer.

Here are some of mine.


I love this mascara….LOVE it!  I have used it for years and will not use anything else if I can help it.


I buy these flip flops every year from J Crew.  I have them in multiple colors.  They are extremely comfy and I barely wear anything else all summer long.



You will smell all yummy all day with Lollia Wish lotion.  I love the whole Lollia line, but this is my favorite scent.



If you have ever walked into an Aveda salon you will know this one is a no brainer.  I would use all of their products everyday if I could afford it.  When I feel rich (which is really not often) I get all Aveda shampoos and conditioners and hoard it for a rainy day!!



This stuff is incredible!  My hair is on the dry side and one treatment of this and my hair feels softer all week.  I would recommend breaking the glass vile outside of the shower…not that I have ever cut myself or anything….



I  really love the American Beauty line of makeup from Kohls.  The lipstick I go back again and again to get is Desert Nude.  The shade is perfect for me.  I have to admit it is the only reason I go into Kohls..sorry you die hard Kohl
s fans!




My whole house will smell amazing when this candle is lit.  I get mine from Anthropologie.



How can a book get any better?



This is the most fabulous conditioner ever.  I found it on accident while vacationing in Napa.  The hotel conditioner just was not cutting it and I found it at a local salon.  I have since seen it all over…it works wonders!


Lincoln Park After Dark.  Just an incredible color.  This is my favorite color to wear on my toes.  It is such a dark purple that is looks almost black and it freaks out all the neighborhood children.

These are some of my favorites…what are yours?