OK, on with the multipy posts about our Month of December.  You would be so lucky to have it end on Part II.  Be prepared for sequels like Rocky! 

PICT3775a My  dad with almost all of the Grandkids.

PICT3778a Benjamin and Grandpa Jerry

PICT3780a  Me and the kiddos.

A tradition that we love doing with the children is to go ice skating around Christmas.  The last couple of years we have taken them to different outdoor rinks, but this year because of the temperatures we decided to try an indoor rink.  The kids loved it just as much but I love when we skate outdoors.  Don't get any pictures of me in the middle of the ice spinning around….I am almost holding onto the edge for dear life.  The most painful part this year was trying to skate and hold up my HULK of a two year old.  No rink has ever seemed so LARGE!!!!  I would do one lap with him and my back would be killing me.  Luckily my sister would then step in and take him out for another lap.  Madolyn and Jack had a blast.  My Maddy is such a tough girl.  She fell so many times and she always had a smile on her face.  She was covered in ice when it was time to go and she was being escorted off the ice because she was the last to leave…..I hope she never loses her determination and adventure.  At the end of our time skating we all got some hot cocoa and rested our sore feet.  There was an indoor play park, arcade and carnival ride at this ice skating rink.  My brother thought it was Vegas for kids….there was even a roulette wheel??!!!  Anyways, I took the kids on the Scrambler.  I was the only adult that wasn't going to throw up if I rode it.  We were all laughing the whole time.  It was such a wonderful day and we all slept well that night.

PICT3792a  My Sweet Girl!

PICT3799a  The Adorable Hulk

PICT3801a  My sister rescuing my aching back.


PICT3823a  My lovely children that always hug each other and NEVER fight:-)