Acts of Service Advent Tree

I always get a lot of questions and emails each year about our acts of service Advent tree that has been seen the past years on our holiday housewalks.

You still have plenty of time before Advent begins to put this together if you think it would work for you and your family.


This idea originally came to me while I was watching Anne Marie’s Twig Tree video in Home for the Holidays.

She was creating a small twig tree to hang on the wall and I knew right away that I wanted to make it big and hang acts of service off of it.



When I was creating this I sat down with my mom and we started brainstorming things we could do as a family.

We even asked the children to help with a few ideas.

I typed all of the acts up in Word and printed them out.



We cut the acts of service into strips and folded them over to get them ready to stuff into the stars.

Our stars are made from craft paper using a star template I found online.



We (my mom) started to sew them all shut with the acts of service inside but my machine was driving her NUTS so I told her we could go with Plan B.

Always have a Plan B.

For half of the stars we glued them shut with a glue stick (only getting glue around the edges to keep the glue off the acts of service) and we used a white gel pen to make thread marks on the outside.

It worked for me and possibly saved my mom’s sanity.

If you are going to hang the stars as shown …make sure that whether you sew or glue them shut that you include the end of the string in the star before you close it.

I then just randomly hung the stars on the twig tree.

We have been doing this for the past five years and I hope to continue this for years to come.

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  1. logan wilhelm

    What a great idea, remember seeing this tree in your home as decoration. Wonderful way to bring sweetness, kindness and joy to the true meaning of the holidays! THanks!!!

  2. Frannie Stevens-Meshorer

    love this idea. i just bought a dear ‘twiggy’ tree that would be perfect for this! I’ll have my little ‘girlings’ create the paper stars .. the whole family will choose ‘acts of kindness’ .. once a week, during the month of January, we will each choose a star from the tree .. open the star and whatever ‘act of kindness’ we randomly choose .. we will each do.

    this could be done for each month of the year. using different holiday or seasonal ‘bases’ to hang our kindness acts on. VALENTINE hearts hanging from a painted red branch … Spring Green Easter tree with ‘colorful hand-made eggs’ … Sweet Shades of SPRING branch with paper flowers holding our ‘kindness’ … and on and on and on… the ideas are limitless.

    Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! xo, Frannie

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