One of our most popular classes last year was Intro To Hand Lettering with Jen Wagner and I am honored to tell you that she is back with a brand new course!

Join Jen this June for Advanced Hand Lettering!

I know hundreds used the last class to grow their art, business and more and I know this newest course will be no different.

It is NOT required to take the first Intro to Hand Lettering to take this new course.

The Details:

In Advanced Hand Lettering, we will dive into how to create beautiful lettering using multiple mediums (brush, calligraphy nib, brush pen, digital, water brush, and pen/pencil), from each individual letter to forming words, sentences, and adding decorative elements. We will also spend some time discussing composition, different styles, and how to make what you’ve envisioned a reality! Following the teaching portion of the course, you’ll use what you’ve learned with 7 fun projects (Lettered Globe, Wall Mural, Serving Tray, Yard/Event Signage, Large Poster, Gold Foil Lettered Pillow, & Digitized Poster). I’m so excited to really dive deep into the details of lettering with you!

Meet Jen:

Jen Wagner is an artist living in Castle Rock, Colorado, who has always been passionate about creativity and learning. From a young age, Jen began teaching herself different forms of art – from piano to drawing and graphic design. Passionate about people, Jen has spent the last several years finding ways to create artwork that encourages and inspires others in their day-to-day lives. She now designs web, print, typography, and other media for multiple marketing firms around the state.

The registration price for this course (4 + hours) is $48.  All videos will be pre-recorded for your convenience and you will have lifetime* access.

To register or read more come over to the course page.


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