What is your passion?

When you are given a few hours to yourself what do you dream of doing?

What do you actually make the time for?

When I think of passions I think of all the things that recharge me and make me who I am.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than hiking up in the mountains or taking a run.

I feel like I am being healthy and loving on my family everytime I cook them a good dinner.

Nothing makes me feel like I am being present more than cuddling up with my children and reading to them.

My day will always go better when I start it with the Lord.

When my home is clean my whole body seems a little happier…a little more relaxed.

When I spend a day {or even a few hours} with a good friend I am reminded that true friends are one of the sweetest of gifts.

What I know is that when you spend time doing your passion……it effects those around you and you give them a chance to be a part of what you love.

Little did I know how much I would bless my whole family by creating.

Creating is a daily part of our home.

Whether the children are making up stories, sewing, painting, building bikes, making up comics….they are creating.

Something I hear often is, “Mom, may we have art day today”?

It is such a fun way to spend the day as a family creating together….even though we are all creating different things.

For all the passions my husband and I have ….one of the sweetest of lessons I have learned is that because we followed our creative hearts…our children have permission to follow their own.

I hope you are following your passions {your family will be blessed too}.

{My sweet Maddy was creating with us…no idea where she was when these photos were taken}


This is the fourth and final week of the photo challenge All Four Love.

Courtney and I have loved doing this with you!

I enjoyed having a specific reason to photograph each week.

Thank you for all of you that played along.  I would like to do another photo challenge soon.

You can link up for this week’s theme on Courtney’s blog.