I love to take photographs and you will usually see me lugging a camera around with me wherever I go.

My friend Courtney and I thought it would be fun to take photos with a purpose for the month of February.

A way to show all the beauty around us through the lens.

We named it All Four Love…for the four Fridays that we will be posting the photos.

To make it even more fun we wanted to invite all of you to play along.

Each Friday we will have a different theme and we would love for you to link up to one of our blogs and share your photos.

February 4 will be the first Friday and the theme will be Loved Deeply.

I will be taking photos of the people in my life that I cherish.  We thought this would be the easiest to start with.  

This can be your children, husband, father, sister, best friend, mailman, ice cream man, cosmetic surgeon….heck…anyone you love!

So, next Friday have your photos ready on your blog to share and link up on my blog (the following week will be on Courtney's).

If you do not have a blog just just link up to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

You don't need to have a fancy camera, lens or even a camera..use your phone.

The whole point is to have fun and focus on the beauty in our lives.

Feel free to take the banner that is on this post and any banners that follow and use them on your blog.

Each Friday we will share with you the theme for the following week.  

I hope you play along and we can't wait to see your photos!!!