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It is that time of year again!

It is our annual PRINT SALE!

This only happens once a year and it is big!

All prints are 50% off for this week only.

(and this price includes shipping too)

Amazing price and a good time to stock up for Christmas, birthday presents and yourself:-)

Go HERE to see the prints and all prices have already been adjusted.

This is for this week only and we won’t have this sale again until next fall.

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  1. Judith Weldon

    Sorry Jeanne the links for the prints aren’t working for me, they lead to the large picture of Italy that’s at the bottom of your post.
    Thanks Judi

  2. Lee Ann Garrett

    Wow! What an honor for you Jeanne to get to teach at this special retreat in ITALY!!!! Italy is on my bucket list and to get to create art there among the beautiful Tuscan landscape would be amazing!

  3. Anca M

    I was delighed to have discovered your site. I have spent some gooood hours to see your site and your blog and you seem to be a true inspiration for me. I have taken one picture from your site together with the link towards your site and I really hope that this does not bother you.If any dislike, just tell me and I will take out the picture and the link. I really enjoy being on your site, you spread lots of love and you are a creativity that sparkles through all your work. I am delighted to have discovered your site.

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