Alt {The Recap}

I have a little time right now so I am taking advantage of it to tell you about Alt!

It was amazing.  Really.  Incredible.

Talented women/men everywhere.  Wonderful speakers and the perfect environment to have your mind blown away by all the talent out there.

Before we begin I have to tell you that I linked as much as I could..because I LOVE YOU!  It took me forever…but that is how deep my love is!

These girlies were my roomies.  I couldn't have asked for better roommates.  Two extremely talented women that anyone would be blessed to call friends (and lucky me…I get to)!!!

You can find Alexis HERE and Melissa HERE.

We all met up on Wednesday and I impressed Alexis that I only brought one carry on suitcase…that is right girls…I CAN pack light if I know my friends will make fun of me if I bring too much luggage.

The word on the street is that Alexis likes to tell people about all the luggage I brought to rude!!  A woman needs choices you know!!!

Wednesday night we went out to dinner {on Alt} with a group of women.  It was a perfect way to meet other women and meet in small groups..genius Alt!

Day One

We were up early Thursday for the first sessions at 9.  The only thing I would recommend to the Alt coordinators is that it would be awesome to have video of the sessions we can't make it to.

There are so many choices and none of them were repeats.  I was sad to miss a few.

My first session was Creative Collaborations with Ben Silbermann of Pinterest, Ez of Creature Comforts, Laura Mayes of Blog Con Queso and Marisa Haedike of Creative Thursday as our panelists.


This session had wonderful advice on doing collaborations with other bloggers regarding blogs, books, e-magazines etc.  I have so many notes from this session about the things I want to add to my blog and the collaborations I want to do.

Be looking for some additions to my blog this year…I am excited!!


My next session was Advertising Beyond The Banner with Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind (sweetest EVER), Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Picks and Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl (totally crushin on her…amazing)


Fun that I was sitting next to Heather Armstrong from Dooce and her husband.

I think the most important thing I took away from this session is that "it is not about you".  If your readers don't like the ads..take them down.

Don't ever advertise for anything you don't use/love..your readers know.

Always disclose when you are being paid for a post.

There was sooo much good info in this session and I have a few pages of notes to prove it:-)

Keynote Lunch: The Intersection of Design and Technology.

This lunch was lead an HP Director talking with Mondo Guerra and Seth Aaron from Project Runway.  Mondo is doing a little fun event coming up here in Denver soon..I will share that soon because local girls will love it!

My afternoon session was Blogging Personal Stories with Karey Mackin of Mackin Ink (Amazing woman…BFF material:-)), Marta Dansie of Marta Writes (super sweet) and Stephanie Nielson of NieNie Dialogues (so fun to meet her in person).


I loved hearing from each of these women.  

I loved that they really stressed, "who are you writing for"?

Write for yourself…not what you think your readers want.  

I agree.  I have read blogs that are nothing like the writer and they are writing almost a false life…people can tell.  Be authentic.

I really loved this…Make your blog your own personal magazine.

That really steps it up.  Make it gorgeous.  Make it something you would stop to pick up and read.  


{I loved meeting her and telling her that every woman has a crush on her husband for all the love letters he writes her}

My last session of the day was Taking It Offline-Events and Social Media with Ashley Meaders, Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, Victoria Hudgins of The City Cradle and Brittany Egbert of One Charming Party.


This panel was full over extremely talented women that know how to put a party together!

Best advice I heard at the session was to find inspiration beyond your industry.

I have a whole post coming to you next week about this.  I think their wise words will inspire you too.

We ended the day with cocktails and then everyone went to get ready for a fabulous party at Lamb's Grill.

Incredible first day.  We stayed up too late talking (shocker).

Day Two

The first thing on the books for Friday was Round Tables…so cool.

12 large tables with leaders and a really specific topic.

I sat down at a licensing discussion.

Sarah Jane of Sarah Jane Studios lead the group and I am anxious to stay in touch with all the women I met that are growing their business and right at the point I am .  Exciting to learn from others!!!

Christy{so grateful for the time I had with my good friend Christy Tomlinson}

My next session was The Art of the Pitch with Heather Armstrong from Dooce.


A lot of good information in this session if you really want to make a living off your blog.

That is not me.  I use my blog to connect with other creative women and to promote my business. I am not against making money off my blog but I don't ever plan on being a professional blogger.  If you are interested in that email me and I will tell you the tips they shared.

Really enjoyed this session though.  Heather is hilarious!  

Keynote Lunch: Sound Unbound By DJ Spooky/ Paul Miller

"How music, art and literature have blurred the lines between what an artist can do and what a composer can create"

There are no words to truly express how MIND BLOWING his talk was.

Please, please, please go and checkout his work.

After being completely impressed {and a little in love} with Paul Miller one of the things I will never forget about the talk was actually a question asked from the audience.

He was asked what were his parents like and how did they encourage his curiosity.  He talked about how he grew up in DC in the 70s, his father was a lawyer for the Black Panthers and his mother was a professor.  He said there were a lot of discussions in his home and he was encouraged to state his beliefs and articulate his needs….even if they were different than his parents'.  I want to be that kind of parent!

OK…is this my longest post to date.  Are you even still reading???

My next session was Magazines: What's Happening Online & Off with Meg Mateo Ilasco of Anthology Magazine, Crystal Gentilello of Rue Magazine and Jess Chamberlain of Sunset Magazine.


I am a lover of magazines so I was anxious to hear from women in both the print and online magazine world.

I love Rue and Lonny and I  know more online magazines are popping up everyday.

If you haven't seen Rue you need to go RIGHT NOW.   Gorgeous!

Love the choices but I still LOVE print…that is how I relax. 

As much as I love online and find inspiration everyday from the gorgeous pages I see on my monitor…I love to relax with a good book or magazine on the couch.

One of my favorite finds at the conference was the new magazine Anthology…perfect!

Gorgeous in every way.  You will read it from cover to cover…when is the last time you did that??  The first issue is sold out but you can subscribe HERE and get the next issue at your doorsteps.  

Closing Keynote Speaker:Tina Eisenberg of Swiss Miss

{This is when I won the ski trip}

Wonderful closing of the conference.

I may be the only person that had never heard of her…but that is why conferences like this are good for me.  New places for inspiration.

Alt ended with mini parties and my favorite was Kate Spade…enjoy the view…

Kate spade
All I can say is that I am going again next year and I am already excited about it.

I have been getting emails from many of you that are planning not to miss it either!

You will not regret it!!

If you have specific questions about Alt feel free to ask them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.


Winner of the vintage dresses from Decades is Sandi from Sew It Or Bead It!

Sandi, please email me your address and I will get these beauties out to you!

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  1. sharron

    Wow!! I cannot wait to re*read this and click on all of your links!
    I love how your blog is so full of info but also so easy to load when reading!!
    Happy that you had such a wonderful time!

  2. Janet

    What a great update!! So fun to read about and I can’t wait to come back and check out so many new blogs. You’re amazing!

  3. Leah C

    Wow…your head must be spinning from all the excitement and information! Really fun to read about ALT…I may be “here” awhile, though:) Thanks for all the great links!

  4. emily ruth

    so fun to read all about it! i love to read recaps (no matter how long) of cool conferences like this…especially since i will not be going to one anytime soon (someday! i have confidence :)…love to see your pictures & friends & read what really stuck with you… thanks, my dear πŸ™‚

  5. karey m.

    i really really like you. you were a bright spot wherever i looked. all those blondie strands of hair falling perfectly, like a magazine shoot. it’s INSANE how i covet that hair.
    i’m foggy this morning, but i want to tell you that you’re so one of the good ones. i hope that makes sense. probably doesn’t.
    excellent recap. xoxo.

  6. lissa

    holy cow jeanne! This looks completely amazing. i feel so inspired just by reading your post. I have never heard of this before but not I’m thinking that someone should’ve called me… πŸ˜‰ see ya soon chickie!

  7. Anh-Minh

    Thanks, Jeanne, for the very kind words about Anthology magazine! Meg and I are so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the first issue.

  8. Courtney Walsh

    I don’t even have it in me to read all of this. I have to run get notebook and pen so I can DIGEST it. πŸ™‚
    Next year, I’m going. Like it or not,

  9. sandy B.

    Oh, my! I can’t believe it. Because I never win anything. Unless I overdo it and buy like 30 tickets. But I guess, in Him all things are Possible! Thank you so much Jeannie!
    I had a really rough week, (we are moving). I will e-mail you my address. I got up this morning just to find out who the happy owner was going to be. I had to look twice to really believe it… Never thought it would be me. Even my girls are squeeling! I am happy they don’t have the same size as I have. (yet πŸ™‚ )

  10. paige

    oh my! sounds incredible.
    i feel like such a blog underachiever when i hear of such fascinating events such as these….& you keep going to them!! lucky girlie
    looking forward to your spring line

  11. Nora

    Still loving my new tote from you planing to buy some more on pay day Feb 1st. Can’t wait for next week to come.

  12. Great post Jeanne and what an opportunity you had. I cannot wait for more of your posts about what you learned. Have a fabulous week-end!

  13. LLH Designs

    Last year, I promised myself I’d go but didn’t. You’ve re-inspired me! I love what you said/learned about writing a blog you’d love to pick up and read. I laugh at myself sometimes because I actually LIKE reasing back lver my own blog and looking at the pictures. πŸ™‚ If you’re just posting to post every day but never even take the time to look back over it, why would others take the time? Though I will say: I’m surprised by the number of blogs with tons of readers that don’t have any original content or a personal voice. I guess that’s a different kind of blogging then what we do…and a different kind of reader.

    Glad you loved your weekend!

  14. Liz/ Cool Mom Picks

    Thanks for such a wonderful recap that put me right back in SLC all over again. I’m so pleased to hear you got so much from our panel. And your new blog design is absolutely wonderful! Super happy to have found it.

  15. Amy

    Thanks for letting us in on what you learned. I have not been blogging regularly. I feel that I can’t seem to find exactly what I want my blog to contain. I love the tip about making it your own personal magazine. That makes perfect sense. I am definitely going to dig in and really capture what it is I want. Thanks also for having such an inspiring blog!

  16. holly

    thank you for taking the time to recap your trip. i really enjoyed it. this is my first time at your blog and i love the “feel” of it. those teal shoes are AWESOME!!! i have serious shoe envy πŸ™‚

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