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The winners of the art bags and the art gift certificates are…

Sara Torbett
What an amazing giveaway! My most favorite place to wander is my farm. I am a stay-at-home mama to three little ones so my travels aren’t as far as I may dream about. Instead, my motto is to find the rosy in the routine. I love to slip outside with my Nikon in the cool of the morning and then come in for a cup of coffee. In fact, maybe I should do just that in the morning! ?
Elaine Mundt
I often let my mind wander (sometimes when I shouldn’t be…aka at work!). I love to peruse ideas anywhere I can find them…your site, others’ sites, google, Facebook, wherever. “Not all who wander are lost” is one of my favorite quotes.
Congratulations and thank you to everyone that shared how they are inspired by their own wandering! If you are one of the winners please email us at with your info and address and we will get your goodies out to you.


Thank you so much for your beautiful response to my brand new course Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metalwork!

This is the first new course on our brand new site and we would love to celebrate that with you!

We are giving away two of our art bags and two $200 gift cards to Dick Blick!

We thought this was the perfect gift for all of you wanderers out there!

To enter the giveaway just leave a comment on THIS POST telling us your favorite way to wander that brings out your creativity.


Wandering Muse | Sketching, Sculpting and Metal Work with Jeanne Oliver


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This giveaway will close on December 22, 2017, at 5 pm MST.

The winner will be announced on December 22, 2017, at 6 pm MST.

Thank you so much for sharing, taking courses, sharing your creative lives and allowing us to do what we love!

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  1. Donna Hopkins

    My favorite way to wander is, oddly enough, with constraints. I set limits to wander around one city block, for one hour, with my camera and one lens. I get lost, letting my senses guide me, and even when I fear there will be nothing to see, no new picture to make, there is, without fail, art everywhere. When I begin to wander, I give myself a little pep talk. It begins like this, “you don’t have to justify your work” and it ends something like this, “you must believe in your ability.” I wander without judgement so that every single view is worthy.


    My favorite way to wander is through flea markets where I find ephemera to use for collage or vintage lace and trims to use for sewing projects. Sometimes all I need to do is wander through my supplies that I already have to get the creative urge and then I am so happy to sit and glue old paper into a journal!

  3. Shelly

    Nothingness. When I can put everything out of my mind. Money, kids, cleaning, life, work. When I can be utterly silent and just ‘be’ in the nothing, creativity rages in like a storm brewing for hours. I love these times.

  4. J engen

    I love to sketch people when traveling. My sketchbooks are my most cherished keepsakes of my wandering and I love remembering our experiences from the glimpses I captured with my pencil.

  5. Karlene Boss

    I love walking and being out in nature. I always filled inspired after a walk. I also love museums. Great art inspires me to make my own art.

  6. Julia

    I love wandering through the works of others to help get my creative juice going. To stand and look at the detail of a picture in a museum; running my fingers on a page of a book; to read the story of an artists ‘wanderings’, encourages and pushes me to create.
    Your website has a huge impact in my creative wanderings, and thank you for it!

  7. Lisa Noneman

    I wander in many ways, a relaxing drive to visually collect color, texture, and ideas. I open my art journal and make marks with different mediums I want to explore with more then I create on a canvas in my studio while listening to an audio book to set the mood. I have many inspiration boards in my Pinterest and if I’m not feeling creative I wander through those or pin new art that inspires me. And I always wander back to past classes I’ve taken on the Jeanne Oliver network to relearn a new technique from an old class or just for inspiration. I have taken classes in the past that are now forgotten simply because I haven’t felt part of the community and never went back for a second look, on this network I always wander back and there is always something new to see, thank you so much for that!

  8. Heidi Hines

    Such an amazing gift what an amazing way to start the year off and your new site.. your SO talented ….

  9. Christine

    Love the courses here. I have really enjoyed every course I’ve taken. I would love to win one of the beautiful art bags and of course, the $200 Blick certificate.

  10. Lynda Dunham-Watkins

    I love to drive the back roads of NE Texas equipped with only a few supplies and my phone camera. Inspiration abounds!

  11. Kay Schwerzler

    My most productive wanderings are often done in my local art supply store, sometimes seeing a product in a whole new way so that it ends up getting used ” off label” in a way that the maker probably never intended.

  12. Lucy Cooke

    I’m so looking forward to this course, Jeanne! I’m usually inspired by fashion images., because I love faces and hats and flowers and color. So I see an image, and using it as an inspiration…I grab a canvas and paint, and I let my imagination and brush work take over. I love to wander with paint ☺️

  13. Patti

    I love to wander in my art journals. Dreaming of things to do, people to meet and places to go. ?

  14. Rhonda

    Being outside and exploring nature always makes me want to create. but, when I can, kayaking down the river is my FAVORITE! Some of the most beautiful views and I love the perspective of seeing it all from the water.

  15. Serena Berry

    My creativity is always sparked when in nature. The sparkle of a reflection, the clouds that form a painting in my mind.
    Wandering is the gateway to most all of my creative inspiration.

  16. DeeDee Catron

    I love to wander in “what ifs” ♥

    What if I took the jump?
    What if I used this brush?
    What if I recorded what makes me sad in addition to happy?
    What if I celebrate the small things?
    What if I did what my soul begs of me?

    And I love wandering around the Jeanne Oliver site with it’s incredible Artist variety.

    Thanks for all you do Jeanne&company!

  17. Denita Purser

    I like to look at images in catalogue, magazines, Pinterest and artist blogs. More so for techniques and inspiration to do what my imagination needs to get down on paper. Playing with art supplies and learning about new supplies is another way to get into creating.

  18. Peggy McDevitt

    My favorite place to wonder is through my painting I’ve finally discovered why I love to make abstract landscapes. My place of peace and joy are God made landscapes with grass, trees and a glimpse of a house. Appreciate chance to one one of these glorious prizes, signed up for the course

  19. Denita Purser

    I’ve pinned to my Pinterest account in art board. Shared on fb and Instagram. Plus left a comment here.
    Thanks so much
    Denita Purser

  20. Sandy

    My favorite way to wander is in the woods or in old cities with junque stores….even boarded up old barns and buildings. I just close my eyes and let my surroundings carry me on a journey to different times and places and people. It makes me feel so inspired and connected to this wonderful world.

  21. Donna Martin

    I love to take some time and wander in the mountains or on a lesser known hiking trail. Fills my soul and spirit, noticing God’s incredible, creative hand.

  22. Beth H

    My favorite way to wander is being out in nature near moving water. This simple act always leaves me feeling realigned and ready to create.

  23. Sherri Sinclair

    I take a nature walk, gathering anything that Mother Nature left for me that day every Sunday afternoon. I shared the class, video trailer and follow you on Instagram.

  24. Marilyn McGinley

    I have shared on facebook. and I love to wander by looking out my window ….listening to the birds (i love birds) and just wait and listen to what is next. I do not get out too much but definitely can wander right here in my own home. Standing on the porch….or looking out my back door…even while driving to pick up my grandchildren there is so much beauty even when there is lots of cement in my surroundings…you just need have an open heart as well as open eyes. 🙂

  25. Elizabeth C.

    My favorite way to wander, which brings out creativity…is to wander in the country with a camera, and an eye for the repetitive designs of nature, or in the city, with an eye for architectural details.

  26. Stacey

    I love taking nature walks around our land and picking up leaves, flowers and when I can’t carry it, photographing God’s handiwork. Design in nature is endless and it fills me up when I take time to slow down and soak it in. The new course sounds amazing!

  27. carlanda

    I go onto our property and wander. I feed our deer and turkeys, pick up feathers, acorns, rocks, look at the river, breathe the fresh forest air. it fills my soul with hope and inspiration. thank you Jeanne. it’s been a tough year, this would be great to win. thank you! carlanda

  28. carlanda

    I shared on Facebook, I liked you on Instagram, and anything else I can do for extra chances!

  29. Christina

    I love to “collect” natural materials on my morning walks. Yesterday I found a large piece of palm tree bark that looks like a woman’s bodice and funky sleeves – still thinking about how to incorporate it into an art piece.

  30. Jeanie Dickinson

    Wondering through the art supplies on canvas -practicing, learning, growing; creAting. Losing myself to find myself. Country driving.

  31. Lori Plyler

    I’m not sure is this is my “favorite” way but it’s surely the most effective! 😉 Clean the studio. Works like a charm every time! The deeper the clean, the more inspired I become.

  32. Kim

    One of my favorite ways to wander with adventure is to take a walk or hike up in the mountains, especially the woods. When I go to the woods I feel comfortable with the birds song, and the tree canopy. Many times I find a seat on a stump, or fallen old log, and begin my next piece! What an fantastic giveaway!

  33. Kim

    Hello there!
    I have posted Wandering Muse, with hashtags, and tagging @jeanneoliver on Instagram.

  34. Sandy Austin

    My favorite place to wander is in my garden or yard, but I find my creativity is awakened the most when I wander my own studio or an art supply store. Just the way a color will reach out or a particular combination of pattern or light will stir something and the wheels start turning ?

  35. Polly Janos

    My favorite way to wander is listening to podcasts of other artists and then stalk their work on social media. I become so inspired learning about others processes and work habits. It is also comforting to know I am not alone in my artistic endeavers as studio work can be very lonely.

    Jeanne, if you ever offer this as a workshop at The Living Studio I would like to be the 1st to sign up for a destination retreat!

  36. Diane Lanford

    My favorite wandering is a Sunday Drive! Hubby and I drive a different way, place or just wander around North Carolina. Sometimes it is planned, sometimes random but always beautiful. Would love a wonderful new art bag.

  37. Nancy Shuey

    My favorite wandering is when I do my daily walk. It is in a nice wooded area so I am surrounded by beautiful nature. Many times I come home with a gift from nature- an empty abandoned birds nest, a seed pod, fall leaves, etc. I bring my gift home and many times will paint a picture of it.

  38. Janet

    Wandering around where I live is incredible inspiration. I’m blessed to live in the Smoky mountains! There are Christmas Tree farms, old barns, quaint little churches, waterfalls, creeks, a mountain lake that I have a view of, and so much more that inspire!

  39. Sara Torbett

    What an amazing giveaway! My most favorite place to wander is my farm. I am a stay-at-home mama to three little ones so my travels aren’t as far as I may dream about. Instead, my motto is to find the rosy in the routine. I love to slip outside with my Nikon in the cool of the morning and then come in for a cup of coffee. In fact, maybe I should do just that in the morning! 🙂

  40. Elaine

    My favorite place to wander is in nature, listening to birds, feeling the wind and sun on my face. Sitting in silence to just notice, to feel my breath, my heartbeat and the wonder of all that is. To love each moment.

  41. Cheryl L Fowler

    Wandering through my mind and viewing my life as it has unfolded, the stories ripe for the pickings and the ones that are still somewhat covered with a damp blanket until they are ready to surface and be inspected once more. The subtle and not so subtle images that arise when I least expect them too. Wandering through those old forgotten tunnels and pathways are always rich with vivid ephemera. Some kind and some not so kind.

  42. Melanie

    Sometimes my creative juices start flowing when I let myself wander and sit and wander some more in the written Word. Thanks for a chance at such a great giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  43. tjhoneycutt

    My favorite way to wander is to be brave, let go and GO FOR IT!! I have learned so much, and experienced so much, by stepping out of my comfort zone and doing new and sometimes difficult things. I recommend this approach to everyone!! Although my favorite wandering spot is nature, there is much to be found when wandering in museums, new cities, and such. And never forget how wondering wandering in a book or magazine can be, too!! Happy Wandering!! Trudy

  44. Cheryl Haener

    My favorite way to wander, and invite the creativity is to just simply be still. In the quiet, there is no direction. You simply are. Being still allows purity of thought, and freedom. Complete freedom, where creativity not only blossoms, but bursts forward….so many thoughts, and ideas barrelling forward….adrenaline pumping, as the excitement builds….you cannot get it down on paper fast enough, but that is ok. Those feelings, and thoughts and ideas that do not have enough time to come to fruition today will wait….quietly wait….until the next time that you choose to be still!!!

  45. Rebecca Ruff

    Wandering in nature, in the garden or out in the forest. Taking in all of the sights, sounds and smells never fails to inspire. Photograph taking is good too for later work at home.

  46. Sheila Rumney

    My favorite way to wander is to get out in nature and enjoy the sights and sounds of God’s creations. To enjoy those quiet moments alone to really look at the beauty all around.

  47. Becky Smith

    I love to wander through shops filled with vintage items for inspiration. I also love to wander through Pinterest or follow a trail starting with a blog post. I always find something to spark the imagination.

  48. Mary Evelyn Hammond

    There are many wooded parks around where I work and I love to get out during the work day and wander along the river and through the woods. Sometimes just the quiet will allow my mind to wander and my thoughts to lead me in a direction I hadn’t thought of. Wandering through prayer and my imagination are my favorites!

  49. Vicki

    I’m so lucky to have a forest in my backyard. A nice slow walk…listening to the birds and squirrels, noticing the seasonal changes. It’s quiet and I can just clear my mind, making space for inspiration.

  50. Lisa

    I love to get lost. It is a way of exploring to me. It is amazing what you see and find. I can be driving, or in a city I’ve never been or taking a new trail out in nature. Or sometimes just taking the time to really look and see. I will share on FB and already follow on Instagram. Thank you for such a Big giving heart Jeanne.

  51. Emily

    One of my favorite ways to see the world creatively is while I’m out running. When I’m by myself, disconnected from technology, I get the rare opportunity to really look at the world without distraction. The pattern of shadows and light, cracks in the asphalt, and the simple beauty of the outdoors brings me so much inspiration. I often find myself recording these moments in my mind for later.

  52. Shaye Sedberry

    Favorite way to Wander…..I am blessed to live in beautiful Castle Rock! Grabbing a coffee to go, heading to local open space , journal in hand . Being inspired but everything around me . Sweet sweet time ! It’s amazing when you take the boundaries where your heart will go ❣️

  53. Shaye Sedberry

    Shared on Facebook but accidentally did it under company name … such a goof ! Will repost ?

  54. Leah Sorensen

    My favorite way to wander is with music in my ears while walking through the woods. It always sparks creativity!

  55. Elaine Mundt

    I often let my mind wander (sometimes when I shouldn’t be…aka at work!). I love to peruse ideas anywhere I can find them…your site, others’ sites, google, Facebook, wherever. “Not all who wander are lost” is one of my favorite quotes.

  56. Diana

    I wander through the forest taking photographs. I take in the inspiration with my body and my camera, that way I can save some of it to look back upon later.

  57. Kendra

    I wander in the woods behind my house. I take my camera and take photos of shapes, textures and lines to reproduce in my art. Sometimes I bring a handful of my findings home to my small bedroom studio and hang them on the wall or lay them out on my table to study. I also wander through fashion magazines for color inspiration and portrait drawing. Thanks for the giveaway and I’m looking forward to signing up for the new course… I always receive so much inspiration when I “wander” through the courses here! 🙂

  58. Gina Bottom

    This class looks super juicy! My favorite wandering way is to turn on some music I love, sit down with left over paint and open my journal to a blank page and just start smearing paint, with no objective whatsoever. I just play and see what or whom shows up. I think the quote, ” all of those who wander are not lost” is just the very best! Thank you for the opportunity to win this giveaway and I hope to scrape up some funds to take this class!

  59. Kathy

    My daily walks with my sweet puppy are my favorite way to wander. Nature holds so much inspiration for me no matter the season.

  60. Skye

    My favorite way to wander is to be outside in nature. I love hiking through the woods or spending time in my garden in the spring and summer.

  61. Victoria Bowen

    I live in a southern Oregon coastal town and am surrounded by magnificient beaches. Wandering through tidal pools, beach dunes. creek beds … I am constantly stopping to capture the patterns, rhythms, textures and hues of nature. What a pallet of pure expression, “I’m alive and joyously ever changing!”

  62. Anna

    I love wandering walking through fields & lush, bare feet and on a mild sunny day .
    That’s when I feel connected to myself the most & I can find inspiration for my creativity

  63. Anna

    Shared it on Facebook (@anna zito) & instagram (@scrapediem), also shared the trailer on Facebook !
    Good luck everyone !

  64. Carol K

    my daiy walks inspire me; however, my favorite inspiration comes from walking the beaches ….

  65. Karen

    My wandering is through the country roads and cow pastures to be in touch with nature and gather inspiration. It would also be through the woods and mountains if they had any in Texas!

  66. Alissa

    Some of my favorite ways to wander is through our land. trees, corn fields and hay fields. Gravel roads. I found so much inspiration just right here at home. I also love walking through antique markets and shops. The colors, patterns and textures I find usually spark an idea. I haven’t signed up for a course in a long time… this one sounds like a wonderful way to get back into it. Thanks!

  67. Denise

    I love going through a drawer and finding a treasure. It could be an old button, a piece of paper, or a crap piece of metal. The next thing you know, drawers and boxes of art materials are opened and the exploring begins. This is when it is most playful for me to create, as time passes quickly and I am completely consumed.

  68. Didi

    I wander through my eyes as I notice what is around me. I wander in my mind and in my thoughts of stories and images. This is how I get my inspiration.


    my favorite way to wander is always through the woods. inspiration comes to me in the most gentlest form amongst the trees.
    thank you for another wonderful and generous giveaway Jeanne.

  70. Suzanne O'Mullan

    Embarrassed to admit – but I am homebound b/c I am a caregiver so I wander through art classes… I feel that when I take an online art class – I am transported to another place and it makes me feel like I am getting out of the house…. inspiration is getting out of the house!!!

  71. Ramona

    I find inspiration in thrift stores. Sometimes I find a gently used item that works for a specific need that I have. Life is ever-evolving and I love to create and add to my eclectic lifestyle.

  72. Melissa

    My favorite way to wander in this season of life is through the eyes of my 1 and 3 year old… to wander into the wonder that they see in the simplest of things, the amazement in their eyes at the beauty of a wildflower, the bird outside our window, the delight in simple and seemingly mundane moments of each day, that to them are beautiful and an adventure waiting to be embraced. I am finding there is a lot to learn by wandering through the eyes of my children:)

  73. Michelle Kunze

    I live in Michigan and wander in my woods. The outdoors always gives me inspiration. Finding beauty in the colors outside and the shapes in the landscape, are a big part of what I create.

  74. Leslie Perez

    My favorite way to wander is walking through a park, around a lagoon and along the shores of a beach! I find creativity in nature. The colors, shapes, sounds and the silence give me a soulful approach to my art. I absorb the power of God’s creations and my life becomes more enriched. Whether it be a tree, a leaf, a flower, a blade of grass, a weed, the sounds of the ocean and grains of sand between my toes, it reminds me of this beautiful life we have! This is how I like to wander!

  75. Shawn kent

    My favorite way to wander is to literally walk along without a plan. I love to explore a city, my own town or far away, on foot and just walk where my feet my take me. Up and down alleys, nooks and crannies, the unexpected with my husband by my side. It’s the stuff of life and makes me so happy!

  76. Debra Lee

    To be honest I haven’t had much inspiration lately due to working long hours. I can always wander on Pinterest though to get my creative juices flowing.

  77. Angela

    I try to take art classes completely outside of my comfort zone as well as following the art works of others in all diffent areas of art. The smallest details push me to be better at my art.

  78. Amy

    Love to wander through nature for inspiration. I also am inspired in Bible reading and worship. This site is a great place to wander as well 🙂

  79. Ronda Conley

    I wander in many different ways. Riding my motorcycle in the mountains just breathing in all the beauty. The colors & smells evoke feelings in me that spark creativity. It cleanses the soul. Thanks for the opportunity to win prizes! Peace and Happy Holidays!

  80. Elizabeth

    It’s a tough choice between wandering down an unchartered street in a foreign land or wandering in an art museum. But either works for me.

  81. Barbara A Ross

    I Love to wander in and out of all sorts of shops until something jumps out at me and I get the urge to spontaneously buy!

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