An Artful Summer {classes and retreats}

We are busy trying to finish up school and most of me wants to just call it good and call it quits.

I won’t.

I swear.

I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

I am already drooling at the thought of creating art all summer and creating more with my kids.

If you want to create with me I want to give you a few options.

First, I have our popular Creatively Made {rediscovering the beauty of your gifts} launching again on June 18!

I am so glad we could offer it again this year.

There are HOURS of art instruction and lots of open discussion too about your gifts.

This course has been loved by so many different ages.

I love how many women have shared it with their children.

You can see the new video below.

Secondly, I will be offering two classes in my home this summer.

The first class will be altered journals using catalogs and the second class will be mixed media over journals.

I am still pulling those two classes together so if you live in the Denver area email me at to be put on the contact list.

Class size will be VERY limited.

The third and final thing I am dying to tell you about is that I will be teaching at the retreat Nurture Your Creative Seed!

Registration opens June 18!!!

It will be held in the Seattle area at the most beautiful location.

I will be teaching with the super talented Mindy Lacefield.

Serena Berry is the hostess and she is INCREDIBLE.

She has thought of so many details to make it an amazing art retreat.

Check out the website for all the details.

Here is my class description followed by Mindy’s class.

“Notes to Self” with Jeanne Oliver

When I create art, my mind wanders and more of my heart and what I am feeling are revealed. When I slow down and do something that is just for me, magic happens. I am the most honest with myself in the quiet of my studio when paint is on my hands and my apron has another layer of color on it. As I create, what always shows up in my art, are words. Words buried below the layers of paper and paints. Words spilled across the canvas. Words dripping along the edges and always the final act of any piece.

Together we will create a canvas and an over sized watercolor journal with Coptic binding. Using both the canvas and the over sized journal, we will play with mixed media techniques using my favorite mediums. We will incorporate vintage papers, paints, inks, charcoal and modeling paste to create our backgrounds. Our day will be led by writing prompts that you will add to your piece that will be covered up, added along with the many layers and part of your final touches. Your words will become your “notes to self”. We will paint figures on our pieces and if you are not comfortable drawing them, I will provide images to guide you. The day will be about playing, learning new techniques, discovering new mediums and making art along side other creative women. Paints, inks, charcoal, modeling paste, collage images and vintage elements will all become part of your notes. With paint on our hands and colors added to your apron…. I hope you come to know the beauty of your words, thoughts and creativity.

“Rainbow Serenade” with Mindy Lacefield

The raw, primitive beauty of just allowing ourselves to fall in love with the process of painting will evolve as we converse with rainbows. We will serenade their beauty and begin to know that their light is always there…we just have to shine the light just right.Loose, intuitive paint strokes will be our guide as we delve into color. We will use tools such as our hands and palette knives to create backgrounds….working back and forth between a couple surfaces. We will work quickly as we drip inks, make marks with water soluble oil pastels and create from the heart of our 7 year old selves.

The power of layering media will give our paintings dimension and tell a story only we could hold. I will show you a non-intimidating way of using color to give our faces dimension with soft layers of color. We will allow for the beautiful under-painting and background to peek through revealing beautiful snippets of our story.
There are no rules, just relaxed and free creating…. no stress!!!

We would both LOVE to see you there.

What a beautiful way to break up your winter.

That is it.

That is all I’ve got for you today.

Wait a minute.

One more thing.

If you have been still wanting to take the Building a Creatively Made Business e-course you can still sign up.

There are still TWO FULL months before the videos are taken down.

The group of women in this class are just supportive and encouraging of one another and such an incredible network.

We would love to have you in class.

No matter what you do this summer I hope it is full of using your creative gifts.

Summer is such a wonderful time to garden, invite friends over, create with the kids, bake, write outside under a tree, hike, just let your mind wander.

Summer is magical!


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  1. Charlene

    Sounds like a yummy summer. I may be going through Denver this summer. Let me know when you have the classes scheduled. HUGS!

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